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This weeks swing analysis shows how by changing your golf grip can help you hit the ball further and straighter


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Andrew Williams says:

I just watched this video before starting at the driving range. What an incredibly helpful tip!! Much thanks!!!!

john stewart says:

Wow, what a difference that grip makes. Consistently hitting the ball left while trying hard to make the body compensate. When using this new grip the body does not have to compensate as it becomes a natural path for it to hit the ball straight. Also leaving a more consistent divot.

Jayson Wigley says:

Just started playing golf again after seven years of not playing. Had a bad slice and was losing my confidence over the ball. After watching this video I realized I had a major flaw as my lead hand wasn't flat at the top of my backswing. It's made a drastic positive change in my game. Thanks Gents!

Peter Paul Paterno says:

what equipment are you using to measure open/closed clubface angles, swing path etc?

champy says:

Wonderful video, guys. Fascinating how your brain will automatically insert tiny micro adjustments and compensations during the swing to try to fulfill the goal: "Hit ball to target". Who knew, poor balance or improper weight shift could be attributable to a poor grip? I've got busy feet and I, too, tend to wobble a bit on the follow.

So, when I watch a Sergio Garcia or a Lydia Ko "pure" iron shots, I realize, now, the better the grip, posture, alignment and ball position is at the start, the more effortless and fluid the shot will appear because a great setup allows your brain to remain quiet and neutral throughout the swing

Plus, when the brain no longer needs to make split second compensations from poor grip, posture and setup, it allows the body to STAY "tension-free". Once you have solid setup and a tension-free body, you will get the final component to a beautiful golf shot:


Rodney The Coach says:

Great video

Martijn van der Ven says:

I dont quite understand nor believe people with handicap 11 or lower still struggle with 'rookie' errors like huge inconsistency, if you're hcp11 your consistency needs to be quite good already as well as your distance and accuracy control. For me hcp11 is like difficulty with sloped shots, really thick roughs, windy conditions or sloped greens.
I'd think they never play competition and have friends fill in their 'good' scorecards. Do people like to lie to themselves or shame to tell friends how bad they actually suck at golf 🙂

Asher Grossman says:

I am trying to make my highschool varsity team and I really need to consistently hit good iron shots. Unfortunately I cannot. I would love to get a swing analysis! Cheers! #500squad

niball says:

Good points, but too much bla bla bla….

Kylie A. says:

7 Shortcuts that will instantly improve your swing!! In this FREE report you will discover ways to enhance your swing while lowering your scores. 

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BuyBuy Chill says:

The Stress-free Golf Swing

Ben Marley says:

Amazing! 262 thousand views and unless the people watching ALREADY correctly understand what they are trying to accomplish in a golf swing in general your information is 100% Useless.
Go ahead and put your club face anywhere you want – If a student begins with a misconception of the golf swing in general NOTHING you say here will help.
The sad fact is that you guys don't know anymore about why a student's swing is bad than the student does.
It does absolutely nothing for you to tell someone what they are doing wrong. Because YOU don't know WHY they are doing it wrong in the first place.
Certainly you can track all physical mistakes back to the instigating physical mistake – but until you understand Why a student does what he/she does – your "help" is useless.
There is a very specifically and perfectly sound reason this guy above has his club head fanned at the top… Becasue it 
Absolutely serves HIS CONCEPT of what he is trying to do.
Another fact is that if YOU GUYS fanned your club head the same way this kid does – and t hen swung like you normally do – 
HE will be able to hit better shots than you all day long. Because both you and the student are ATTEMPTING TO DO DIFFERENT THINGS. And until you find out from the student – before you EVER begin "teaching" – what THEY THINK they are trying to accomplish… YOUR KNOWLEDGE IS COMPLETELY USELESS – not to mention potentially extremely harmful to their learning process.
Put this kid an ANY POSITION you want. Regardless how perfect his NEW set up position might be FOR YOU and YOUR SWING 
all it will do for him is further frustrate him as his body instinctively does all it can to work your NEW INFORMATION into his orignal – incorrect –  movement.
Why is it that supposedly smart people like you – or at least certainly more "educated" – people like you think that
your students come to you trying to do the same thing you are trying to do.
It's not that they ARE NOT CAPABLE of doing what you do – it's that what they are TRYING TO DO is DIFFERENT from that which you are TRYING TO DO.
No one makes physical mistakes in relation to that which THEY ARE TRYING TO DO. The mistakes are conceptual.
And until you figure that out – you are useless to anyone who is not already a proffessional calibur Golfer.

maxmont21 says:

A fabulous video that illustrates so clearly the issue of a weak grip and over-rotation of the hands. This is explained better than any other video Ive seen and Ive seen a lot. The tee tip is brilliantly simple, clever and effective.

lamfilipos says:

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CrunchieHD says:

I find it really heard to hit my long irons

Mike McCormick says:

Great explanation guys, I play to the same handicap (11), but this was the first time I have seen an instruction video chase the faults back to the root cause, great to see the slo-motion of Andy's swing and what he was doing with his hands/wrist from the change.

Ashton H says:

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Camore M says:

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Brett T says:

Thanks to these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I was able to find out “hows” and “whys” of a good golf swing and its numerous components. Right after reading the book 2 times, I was able to achieve Twenty five more yards on my driver, and also 15 more yards on irons. My excitement of golf has doubled and my self-confidence has soared.

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