Stop Slicing Your Driver

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Drive the Ball Further , improve your golf swing, improve your golf, improve your slice. stop slicing, tips to help you drive the ball like Tiger Woods! How …


Natasha Brown says:

Golf Instructions

ubb4me says:

No good golfer has a strsight right arm at impact. The right arm only
staightens when your clubhead is the furthest away from you on your
downswing, well past the ball. A bent right arm is your leverage point.
Your body uses it as a lever for power. He makes some good points but this
one is completely erong.

David Schroeder says:

Golf instructions

Natasha Brown says:

Golf instructions

Natasha Brown says:

Golf instructions

Natasha Brown says:

Watch this video to improve your Golf game

Zulfadhli Rahman says:

Understand why you slice ..find tips that suitable for u from tons of
unslice videos..

Enrique Barreto says:

Keep working on my slice :|

GGAllin33 says:

4:40 Great advice. Thanks

minion0metal says:

Fix your silce. Go to a range with your most comfortable grip and stance,
and move your body counter-clockwise until you bomb them straight. Easy! I
got to aim way left to go straight.

Dennis C. Latham says:

Sure …. when swinging ? Your club head is going to automatically SWING in
a curved motion – from beginning to end – when you straighten it more ? The
ball will go more STRAIGHT. By making the club head go into the direction
of the target more – I will make a video on tomorrow while at the golf
range tomorrow – been meaning to do it – since I’ve been working on my

Dennis C. Latham says:

swing more out away from you and not in towards you – also ? Make sure your
club is traveling in a straight line and not a curved line. Let me know how
that works.

James Lowe says:

This guy is good. Doesn’t assume many videos talk about
‘outside in’ or “arms releasing’ with no explanation. Many people don’t
even know what the terms really mean.

Greg Smith says:

This is insane. People hit push slices and fades all the time. You can
swing to the right and still have an open face and put slice spin on the

IIExhibitAII says:

I love how he flips us all off at the beginning of the video! Lol

Barry Atkins says:

This guy helped put money in my pocket today. He also helped me have a
really good time on the course today.

Christopher Horvath says:

Straightening the right arm earlier to stop a slice is a terrible way to
correct it, in my personal opinion. You will go from a slicing problem to a
casting problem and end up with the drop kicks, early extension, hip stall
and out to in swing path. If that was the case Hunter Mayhan would have a
terrible slicing problem, along with many others on tour. Keeping yourself
from extending the right arm early is a good thing!

Sinecera says:

It’s just a golfing term.. hee hee.

samocky1 says:

excellent he described me bang on

hgfden says:

Use a pro instead of youtube…

Multispek mutvimanex says:

Loser grip, more underbody movement, and much practice on the range will do

Rabindra Man Shrestha says:

Very well explain the reasons for hitting slice ball and correction
explained was extremely helpful. thanks

maximokmo says:

who noticed he puts his middle finger up when picking up his ball off the
tee at the start?

CeeDub1534 says:

I love how the video ends mid sentence haha

mcurry2510 says:

turm ur hips to fix slice

Beano Blaster says:

yes you are on the right track. you should consider getting a lesson though
to fix that up. is the proforce an upgraded shaft?

coffeefish says:

Why do pros always talk to us like we are idiots. Many golfers have been
playing for years, and still have trouble slicing. But don’t talk to us
like we are little children.

DanteTheory1 says:

My bad, i was talking to the badass below

xXshananaginmanXx says:

This video helped me get my slice to disappear. All it took was a bag of
balls and a little determination. I never thought of straightening my right
arm. I used to hit the ball off the tee with a little draw but then I came
down with the slices. Thank you so much. My slices are gone and my golf
balls are back to their original flight.

18logojunky says:

Does he have a tee on the green

Justin Elder says:

Great video. I notice myself doing half these flaws. Thanks!!

tomi Last says:

Lee Trevino is an exception to the rule. He has his own individual set-up
and swing so one cannot follow his example my friend. To use ones “greatest
respect” and call it “utter shit” is totally disrespectful and
contradictory don’t you think. Lee Trevino is a great golfer btw, but as I
said it would be very difficult to “follow” his example. I believe this guy
is totally correct as long as one eradicates their bad habits, cheers.

Everett Mccurdy says:

Wow – I never knew that “timing” was just a golf word. Haha.

prorobo says:

Considering there’s clearly many divots and a sprinkler head in the fairway
that he’s standing on, I’d say no.

Robskie13 says:

does the actual size golf grip on the driver matter if u slice it. bc iv
been deciding if i need a bigger grip on my driver.

20yrsofgreatness says:

100th stop slicing video i’ve seen, my slice… still there.

MrRuaan121 says:


Jacob Bishop says:

I clicked on this video on my side bar because I wanted a quick chuckle. An
old pro trying to teach old tricks. “Turning over” your club at impact does
not help to prevent “slicing”. For all you who have trouble with “slicing”
the golf ball, It is more beneficial in understanding what actually causes
the golf ball to react in that way. Watch videos under the search “ball
flight laws” to understand this. You will also learn there is no such thing
as side spin. Hope this has helped. J

robert gallegos says:


FairwayJack says:

This is good advice…if what he says isn’t working for you try rotating
your left shoulder thru impact…many people stop that shoulder
instinctively and because it is instinct… they are simply unaware of it !!

Dennis C. Latham says:

POW !!! EXACTLY !!! Stay on THE LINE and you won’t slice or hook

dylan Jacobs says:

Use a fairway. Not a driver they don’t curve at all for me



Kevin Chen says:

using the green as the tee-off…..seriously?!

FlamesLickBalls says:

He’s on a tee box retards, not a green or fairway

shank4420 says:

I feel the same way. I feel like if i dont grip it tight, my driver will be
in the fairway with my ball. I was at the course yesterday and literally
watched a guy throw his driver into a tree and got it stuck, on his swing.

Beano Blaster says:

This video saved me precisely $75. thank you !!!

Bluecrew27 says:

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ron tubo says:

Learn how to hook the ball and you will cure your slice.

paddyjaybee says:

Stack and tilt cured my slice.

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