Right Elbow In Golf Swing Key To Consistency

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http://www.performbettergolf.com/blog/right-elbow-motion-in-swing-video – If you find yourself hitting inconsistent shots. One time you may hit a big ‘ol fat…


Michael Garrett says:

This was the key I needed for my swing. I used this tip at the range a few
days ago and amazingly, I started striking the ball pure. Hitting at the
range vs translating this to an actual course is always tricky. I recently
played a round of golf, focusing on keeping the right elbow close to the
body – shot the best round of golf ever! I found that I am hitting the ball
further and more accurate…..

John Lee says:

How come nothing is said about leading with the hips? I think this would
lead most amateur golfers to use their arms and shoulders to start the

Nicholas Tirion says:

Thanks Mike!

Ben Hogan says:

***adding to the comment below***my personal preference is to work the
right elbow towards the ball to start the downswing and not straight down
(for the flatter swingers. ie: Mr. Hogan). Allows the right elbow to get in
front of right hip & prevents the “Jim Hardy Stuck” position. 

soner çağlar says:

yeeeeess very very very helper

james eadie says:

Mike, looks a nice place where you live , and nice Biceps , will try this
as I know I come over the top all the time . .

Bob Wong says:

thks for the tip. best swing tip I ever got.

Brandon Lee says:

best tip ever for me. thanks!

Lee Cheolwoo says:

ye~~~~~~!!! very very helper.

Cassandra Hayley Shan Lin, Ooi says:

thank u!!!

Greg Manthei says:

Thanks liked the tip. great examples.

Tom Seim says:

Excellent explanation of the function of the right elbow. Keep up the good

Fitness Class says:

The swing I’ll teach you will have your shots flying longer and straighter
than you ever imagined possible… give unbelievable consistency to your
drives…and become so easy and natural you’ll drop into it time after time
without even thinking about it.

And right now, I’m giving away my book “Full Swing Fundamentals” as a
digital download ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So don’t wait – request your free copy using the link below and start
playing a better game tomorrow.

Mark Marvin says:

Thanks for your very clear and informative video!

Sunil Dharan says:

Really helpful for me who has this chronic thinning issues with my irons

Högni Jónsson says:

No disrespect ment but horrible advice for those who swing on a flatter
plane(one planers) and square the club-face trough impact with body pivot.
Causes the “stuck” position resulting in a flippy release with wrists
causing shanks, snap hooks and slices. IMHO exactly why the internet is a
dangerous place for desperate weekend hackers. “One planers” check out Zach
Allen’s channel for useful info on right elbow. 

Dennis Sullivan says:

For me this solved a significant problem. It also helped me to more easily
square my shoulders at set up. Thank you Mike.

snapura says:

Very helpful video.

Mike Johnston says:
Ben Hogan says:

Nicely done Mike, it’s never easy making a video tip for the masses.
Especially for something as difficult as this. I have a right arm only
drill I give my students to help the right elbow

Guycanha says:

Awesome! Great video and tips. Thank you

DOD03 says:

Thanks I’m going to work on that.

The Hinchy's says:

Haha. “3rd’ly” *puts 2 fingers up*

tomj4607 says:

2:16 Thirdly?!?!?

Pete Horam says:

Thanks, I’ll give this a go. I’ve been trying to focus on keeping my left
arm straight and use that as a guide but it seems exceptionally difficult
to keep it straight towards the top of the backswing. By straight I mean
the elbow locked (the furthest away from the body they can possibly be) so
to get it back further the only thing you can do is use your wrists to take
it further back. Maybe you could do a vid on the left arm and how straight
the arm should be – what is and what isn’t required?

Rudy Cramer says:

He’s right!

Jasonshawpei says:

if u were close to me I’d kiss ya

golfmaniac007 says:

think i’ll go PGA Tour Pro with this tip. thanks for lesson.

ChungKingCanSuckIt says:

2:15 Thirdly??

Wim Maximus says:

Thanks for the simple advice, I gone practice on this!

Darby Hiles says:

thankz alot

Gottlieb Morgentau says:

the elbow reacts to the hand not vice a versa

Peter Cerra says:

In order to maintain solid iron contact keep your sternum over the ball
through impact. This will keep the club ahead of the ball as long as you
keep turning your body through impact.

pmblue says:

Great video .. it helped me a lot hit the ball more consistently .

victonate says:

News to me too! Can’t wait to give it a try!!

skippycromby says:

Mike I have used your workouts and they are excellent but this tip has
transformed my iron play where have you been these past 20 years ! I do get
the occasional ball going left which I am not sure if it is the toe turning
over or my old over the top move which I have struggled with for years. My
divots are 100% better and it has improved my ball contact to so any other
tips you have to help cure this would be great. best regards Andy, Dubai UAE

paulyrulo1 says:

Great tip about the elbow but do not like the idea that the club is on the
same plane coming down as it was going up….the greats NEVER did
THAT….they always had a 2 plane swing where the downswing was
considerably shallower than the backswing…by doing that you ensure that
the right elbow will stay into the right hip and delay the release for more
power and accuracy and a shallower attack angle..this is critical..and the
GREAT HOGAN actually states that in his famous book. hope this helps

Pierre Beaudoin says:

Good explanations, easy to understant… I struggle with that, I hope that
my body follows my brain!

fhsflyfish says:

This tip is just what I needed. Worked the deep pump drill yesterday on the
range before every shot. From PW to Driver couldn’t of been better.Long and
straight. Since coming back from a back issue I didn’t have any power. It’s
back! Thank you

01Prostyle says:

Great golf video thanks alot it really helped my golf swing clean and solid
shots with more consistency keep the videos coming!!

hask876 says:

Reply for David. I used to suffer with a block also after working on the
right elbow – a kind of cricket shot. What you may be doing is letting your
left arm rise up (Google chicken wing). Just as with your right elbow, keep
your left connected to your core and roll the hands through the impact.

William Sheppard says:

This video really helped me to bring my swing together. I had a consistency
issue and slicing issue. After a couple of swings with bringing my elbow
down and in, my driver is now straight, the slice is gone, i can even draw
the ball. This is a very important aspect of the swing. Thanks

troy mcvey says:

I would like to send a video of me I’ve been tryin to fix it maybe you have
a simple way of a drill to tell me my mail address is troybb21@comcast.net

alex vwenz says:

Great videos. However, I don’t think it’s crucial to have the right elbow
pointing down at the top of the swing. Couples and Nicklaus had flying
right elbows, but they do bring in deep in the rib cage before impact.

Patrick Tamminen says:

Thank you so much for this simple video. I’ve been having trouble making
good contact and getting good distance. I went to the range with my ipad
and you, and we worked on this together and hit about 300 balls. I stated
hitting the balls better than I have in years. Played 2 rounds using this
technique and was driving the ball farther and hitting more greens than
ever. I’ve had many lessons and this was never showed to me. Thank you so
much!!!!! Where do I send the check?

DaveSender66 says:

Thanks for this tip. Make’s sense!! Thanks Mike.

Andy Sumner says:

Hey Mike, Thanks for the tip. Thats a body part i never really concentrated
on but I can see how theres a lot of ways to use that tip especially when I
go past 90 degrees that will reel it in.

Jake Harrell says:

Great video and tip. I’m a 3 handicap and this helped keep my occasional
hook under control with more consistent distance and spin with my irons
which gave me way more birdie putts. But I agree with the other comments,
could we get a driver video that maybe incorporates some of this?

tapquote says:

I can’t get my right elbow perpendicular to the ground. It opens like you
described. For me, it is because my shoulder is not flexible enough. Any
stretches that might help me reach proper position?

achmadbahasoan says:

good swing

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