Golf Swing Tip | Driver And Iron Lesson

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Close watch the video golf tip from the Exeter golf professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about the iron golf swing and the driver go…


Randall Camp says:

would anybody happen to know why i’m hitting my 4 iron just as far as my
driver? when I address the ball with my driver I do have the ball moved
forward in my stance, and as well with the iron I have the ball just as
mark has it. please feel free to follow up. (this is not a joke) 

0Mellennium0 says:

Please watch my driver swing!

brad stecklein says:

@ajk712 don’t fight this too much! a straight left arm is a bit of an
antequated theory in golf instruction. a little fold in your joints is
never a bad thing. geting fixated on a ‘straight left arm’ will induce
tension among other things!

Phil says:

excellent i always learn something when watching your clips keeping the
head behind the ball until after impact is a case in point

sunson2004 says:

how do you control your release? any practices you recommend?

drew118183 says:

I’m having trouble aiming my irons. I never seem to line up correctly to
hit them where I would like them to go. I have a tendency to aim right and
I don’t know if it’s my feet placement but any advise would be useful.

Tairy Hesticles says:

it’s probably the pressure of playing on a course. from what you said it
sounds like your lifting your head to early, causing you to top the ball.

matt hillier says:

What driver do you use? good lesson by the way! 🙂

florenciof1 says:

Excellent ! Thanks

ajk712 says:

how do you keep your left arm so straight? Is it a flexibility thing or is
there a trick to itlike twisting the wrists? I try to do this but it is
pretty uncomfortable

Kennion Johnson says:

Great video fo rinformation I shall keep referring to this one…. thanks

Uncle Jesse says:

Wow…. This was very helpful… Quick and straight to the point with
picture references as opposed to just talking for 8 minutes… Thank you…

inspectorgadget024 says:

Im a lefty and cant seem to keep the ball down any pointers?

Cameron Fox says:

bit your shirt and keep your head pointed slightly backwards, hold that and
keep doing that and eventually u wont have to bit your shirt anymore

Golf Super Swing says:

Nice Video

sociojeje says:

for iron, i put my had ahead of the ball and hit it the same. i see you
also put your hand ahead of the ball when you actually hit the ball. this
way i can create a lag easier. is it a bad habit? and this is why i’m so
struggling with creating a lag for driver… i can’t find the point that i
have to release my wrist when i hit my driver… is there any tip for that?

COD4Fanboy134 says:

Keeping ur arm straight is easy i need to improve my driver hitting lol in
my backyard i use practice balls and uhhh i hit one and the driver didnt
get it very far 🙁

Steve Wilson says:

one needs faith when playing golf 😉

Michael Gregory Mauro says:

Learn how to swing golf with the video golf tips from the Exeter golf
professional check out now here: –>> bit.lyYD2MtE <<

Milton Copeland says:

it’s because you are bending your right arm to much if your a righty. try
to keep your elbow away from your body and dont let it collapse in.

soundofacoustics says:

@ajk712 Well it’s easier to keep your arm straight if you rotate your
shoulder with your upper body, then i’ll be much easier! and don’t try to
put too much pressure on it or else you might injure yourself. Have fun!

Stephen Junior says:

i miss this intro lol, i used to do a little dance in my head to it

ajk712 says:

@4golfonline Alright thank you. Do you recommend a technique for us
inflexible people? Or just attempt to become more flexibe?

rdg515 says:

@dinkipooxa pot calling the kettle black… pretty sure everyone knows you
have to practice

Paul Edwards says:

doesn’t having the shafts point to the same position i.e. toward the inside
of your left thigh, make the driver clubface appear to be facing right of
the target or do you have the shaft facing inside left leg while making the
clubface point toward the target?

bd20391 says:

ridiculously confusing

Mark Crossfield says:

@ajk712 My arm is very straight and yes it is a flexibility thing. Lots of
world class golfers are comfortably straight not bolt straight.

bobgsearch says:

any suggested exercise to learn how to keep your head from moving with the
lower body on the downswing? thanks

Alexander Boldin says:

watch my video Golf Interactive Trainer

Ryan Aurand says:

This is all great Mark, but how about an in the bag video!

AaronDuffy911 says:

@squid8rfc Mate its a nerves thing the exact same happens to me sometimes
in competitions,just try to calm and slow your heart rate down before you
take your shot but don’t take to many practise swings because the nerves
will build up again. Regards Aaron 🙂

1Carpious says:

Brilliant, thanks. 🙂

squid8rfc says:

Hello, Im new to golf. I’ve been playing for around 6-8 months. I have a
wilson deep red driver 10.5 degrees and a regular shaft. When i’m at the
driving range i hit 48/60 balls really good with my driver straight or
slightly right around 190-230 yards. However when i play at the course i
usually “skuff” my driver or top it and it generally goes left. WHat should
i do ?

schtumb says:

Nice. Keeping my head back will be a good tip to put into practise tomorrow.

GENO Dboy says:


secretogolf says:

@ajk712 a great way to keep your left arm straight is to take the club back
with just your right arm.This will pull the left straight with a nice
natural and flexible feel.Your left arm will also attach nicely to your
chest with this move and everything falls nicely into place,a very
connected feel without being rigid.Check Lynn Blake TGM.

jordanscrazy says:

Do you compress the ball alot? random question just looks to me you dont
compress the ball very much?

broonzy2006 says:

I like the fact that the hips have rotated rather than slid across. My
driver flight is extremely low as I’m probably getting a little too far
forward? There must be drill for this!? I came across these videos the
other day, they’re all very helpful. Thanks Mark

blip cat says:

youtube has so many vids on the golf swing that I laugh at anyone trying to
make sense of any of them LOL

boriesje says:

@willwill123100 🙁

boriesje says:

My problem is that I always hit with a faith.

Robert Jackson says:

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