Golf Swing Made Simple!

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Golf swing made simple with Meandmygolf Professionals Piers Ward and Andy Proudman


fradaja says:

i’m in a wheelchair,,,,,,,, any tips? 

Garciamrcool says:

What a couple of doughnuts

Bernard Sheridan says:

Good video. What program did you use to add the graphics?

CoughingPig says:

Jamie Sadlowdski hits a putter off the tee 280 yds, any comments ??

Bennett Galloway says:

Good video guy’s! Keep up the good work and cheers from Japan!

jcsoxx says:

We will teach you how to slice the ball

Nicholas Whiteley says:

What course are you guys at?

0Mellennium0 says:

Whats up with my golf swing? 

Alexander Muller says:

I already watched like a hundred golf videos and some drills helped me to
hit a few good shots, but this video is the first one that really(!)
improved my swing drastically! Instead of doing different drills for
different problems I started to do those short swings from 9 to 3 o’clock.
It’s ridiculous how far the ball already goes when hitting it super clean
with those short shots. Then I slowly started to do longer swings, but only
in small steps so it still feels comfortable. I’m now swinging my irons
back so far that the club points to the sky. The backswing felt ultra short
in the beginning, but I’m hitting not only straighter, but further, because
the contact is much better. Just wanted to share that.

Matthew Orosco says:

Thanks for the instruction. The videos are easy to follow. I’m definitely
applying the principles from this one when I practice.

James Doherty says:

Nice instruction.

Graham Boulton says:

Great work guys, the graphics come in at an opportune time as it invokes
the Right Brain rather than the talking (left Brain) 

Gary Scott Wishart says:

thanks guys this was really helpful.

dhongthong auefaur says:


hmfic83 says:

Try to avoid the sand traps

Michael Johnson says:

this is what ive been looking for

dev1lsadv0cate says:


Robert Hooles says:

Have been playing for a number of years now but it is always a good thing
to revisit the basics of the game and check we haven’t changed from what we
need to be doing. Thanks guys.

David Cullen says:

Loved this video. I’ve been playing golf for 25 years. I was briefly down
to 5 handicap, but now up to 9. Through all these years I have never had
proper clarity about the fact that it is DEFINITELY an arc and the face
DEFINITELY opens and closes.

Golficity says:

Excellent tips. Well done!

Dun Zhao says:

Great video, production is also professional.

matt shearer says:

Hi guys, I’m 24 and fairly new to golf, been trying out a few tips and
techniques the last few days and had a friend video in slow motion. Have a
look on my channel and let me know what you think, any pointers appreciated
(these videos being taken at the end of a practice session, pretty tired
and using my hips/back quite a bit)

Colin Hopkins says:

Hi there guys thanks for the reply im in coventry 

Digby Howis says:

Top video

Fede Chiappetta says:

Thank you ! 

sixtyton angel says:

Did you fags dress each other? Lol!!!!!

Hellcat040369 says:

I’m a beginner and watch a lot of Moe Norman videos. He always says he
keeps his club face square for a long way past impact and he hit it
straighter than anyone. It is really confusing who to listen to!

tonyja661 says:

Thanks guys. Easy concepts can be difficilt to grasp. You have explained
the fundamentals of a good shot to a “Tee”. My wife and I are just starting
out playing. We will be watching and applying more of your shared knowledge
of the dark art of good golf

Cheers, Tone

Nilesh Prasad says:

Good stuff guys! Can you do a video explaining how the left and right hands
behave during a full swing. I am more interested in the elbows. Thanks 

Alex Walker says:

Thanks guys. Just started today. Can see how that will help alot. Thanks

Luque7 says:

Brilliant video guys. There aren’t enough videos out there for us players
who are just starting out. Please keep more of these coming!

Just subscribed after watching this.

Graham Smyth says:

Great video. I have been having lessons with 2 different golf pros and I am
getting mixed messages. I have got a steep back swing (near vertical) but
having only played a year my scores are getting consistently lower, and
recently got round in 16.
1 pro has told me to concentrate on rotating more around the body and to
stick with it now, and eventually I will see the benefits (although it
feels like starting again).
The other has said that lots of tall golfers have steep swings (i am 6ft)
and to not let it worry me too much!?!?!?!
What should I be doing please???
One of the pro at my local club, but he is difficult to get lessons with,
hence me going to another.
Thanks in advance.

Jawed Khan says:

i wish some one told me that when i started to swing the golf club. Picked
up all the wrong moves in my attempt to hit the ball straight. now I am
busy to get me out of my old habits and it is not easy.

Pye Aung says:

Always my go-to video channel on golf, keep it simple and consistent,

Adam Landis says:

Great video, changed my game! I’ve always struggled with hooks because of
trying to keep the face moving straight back with a one piece takeaway,
instead of letting the face open on the way back. This video isn’t just for
beginners, I’m a 6 handicap and it helped me. Thanks!

David Coldwell says:

Great explanation of how turning the body relates to helping make the club
head correctly strike the ball.

Thomas Kuo says:

Three years of playing and video after video, I wish I would have seen this
one!! It would have saved me a lot of time and money practicing wrong!!!
Great video! Thx.

Michael Andersen says:

I just had a golf lesson in Bangkok, and he told me that the club could not
point up, at hips high but a little away from me, so what to believe?

Anders Schraer says:

Thank you! I am a beginner and my main problem is I thought I was supposed
to go straight back! Great video!

MJ Ursu says:

Great instruction and instructors. I have just taken up golf and would like
an explanation please on shoulders eg right shoulder slightly down. Many

AJ Sapp says:

Do you use the same method for irons too?

LewisR09 says:

Excellent video! I’ve been having a few lessons and getting better at the
swing but this has made it much easier for me to get the feel right.

Andrew Lehman says:

Most golfers on the pga tour take it back not letting it go to the
inside… thus taking it straight back and through, creating a wider and
higher arc, creating more club head speed. Swinging around the body usually
results in a flat backswing and results in a cupped wrist on the way down.
This makes you come over the top and pull it or have a big high slice.

rowdeh83 says:

Need help for us Left handed golfers

NZ Ric says:

And in 6:44 my game has improved… after 20 years of golf I really
appreciate your putting this in basic terms which I really understand…
Thank you!

Quokka B says:

If only I had watched this video before ever picking up a golf club, I’d
have endangered so many fewer people playing down fairways to my right.

Corey Hickman says:

Is this promoting an active forearm rotation? I’ve always heard that the
body rotation makes the club face square at impact and consciously
adjusting the forearms/ club face on the downswing should be avoided

James Hill says:

Thanks Guys good stuff.

TechnoCameron says:

the guy in the dark blue looks like a robot when he moves

warwolfii says:

I like your approach. I’ve watched a zillion instructional videos on You
Tube and elsewhere and many are contradictory. For example, I was wondering
whether I should “sweep” my hybrids or hit down on them like irons. I
watched one very good video that suggested you “sweep.” The very next video
was also good and told you to hit down. I like the idea of building a
concept of the swing in total rather than merely fixing problems. Glad I
found these videos.

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