Golf Swing – Hitting Solid Iron Shots and Compressing the Golf Ball

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In this video Tim Johnson, PGA Professional talks about the importance hitting down on the golf ball, balance in the golf swing, and how this will lead to solid iron shots.

Tim Johnson is a Certified PGA teaching Professional in Long Beach, CA to see more tips from Tim or to book a golf lesson visit his station on Golf Central Station Http://


Michael l. Burke, Grand Master American Style Nunchaku says:

Thank you Tim- Excellent instruction and you have helped me very much- getting the weight shift to the front is helping and using all arms in the start of the downswing during the drive is great stuff– I appreciate your efforts in helping the average golfer with your video clips- GM Michael Burke

Evan Rafael says:

If you compress the ball down to much you will come down to steep which make you chunk the ball.

Darth Plagueis says:

Good advice and will help my game,

The only thing I would change is a better mic and or how you are recording your voice.

You sound mad or squeaky when a relaxed, deeper voice is more enjoyable to listen to.

"Sounding" loud is the only thing taking away from the video. 

Rogerhockey1 says:

Looooowh, Baaack, Grouuund. lalalalalal

Charlie Ritch says:

Hey Tim your Driver tips have helped me dramatically ! Last time out I hit all the parr 4 & 5 Fairways with my driver!

Pat Ellis says:

There are more golf tips like this on

EKH 0107 says:

good lesson – really need to stop going high with your voice at the end of your sentences. 

Adrian Burns says:

this is a great lesson. this guy just sounds like a good teacher to me…he talks like a teacher…wouldn't think twice about seeking him out for some one on one instruction

Stuart Clark says:

Squeeze the ball into the ground?  Really! So you're trying to hit the ball straight down into the ground are you?!  This would require negative loft for a start.  Yes he's right that you should hit down on it a little, and absolutely you should be moving your weight towards the target on the downswing, but the blow should only be slightly descending, not dramatically so.  Yes a lot of golfers leave to much weight on their back foot on the downswing, but trying to smash the ball into the floor on the way down is just as destructive.  A lot of the divot created when you strike an iron is due to the downward deflection of the clubhead after you strike the ball.  This can produce a healthy divot from a merely slightly downwards blow.  Trying to smash the ball/club into the ground in an effort to achieve this is NOT going to help anybody.

Andrew Mitchell says:

this guy's a great teacher. Good video thanks!

Robert Doherty says:

Great teacher. Great explanations and examples. Thank you.

billyray577 says:

Great advice, Tim.  Thanks for the video.

Marino Sullivan says:

Wish I could see it in action. 

Mike Hawley says:

So you still didn't explain what to do

arizonarsx says:

This is a great video on how to hit irons

Anthony Winckowski says:

Excellent –  Keep up the great work..

Kenneth Katzen says:

I have taken tons of lessons and am a single digit handicapper. I learned something about hitting irons that I never knew and instantly I started hitting my irons better.  Thanks Tim!

Romband1919 says:

Annoying voice 

Ji Young Kim says:

we know that, but we cant do so. please teach us how to do that, not just saying what should be happen in the golf swing.

Mike Stevenson says:

I'm not taking advice from this grown man using graphite shafts.

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