Golf Instruction – How To Get That Slow Easy Swing

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Click Here for More Golf Tips: Golf Instruction In this golf lesson I show you how to get that smooth, powerful swing everyone marvel…


Billy Seeberger says:

Get that swing that everyone wants!

Damaak85 says:

Paul, could you do a Tip about a “golf-workout-routine” ? I’m working out
quite a lot, but I want to improve my game and therefore I need to start
doing golf specific strength and flexibility excercises.Naming a site, you
would recommend, which touches this topic would also be very helpful. Thank

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thank you very much. Just let me know if you come to Vegas. I am available
for private golf lessons.

Jonsey2911 says:

Great tip, this has helped me a lot!

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thanks a lot.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Audio Technica PRO 88 – cheap and great.

Brendan Kelly says:

Love your tips Paul. You’re absolutely right about having experienced that
few times where that nice easy swing produces fantastic results. Tonight
I’ve been practising coiling to get a nice backswing plane and I can do
this. It’s starting the uncoiling where I have problems. However I believe
this tip for hitting at 3/4 for a full swing will work and I’m looking
foreard to trying it. Thanks again.

Tom Irwin says:

Paul, your videos have really helped me improve my game and even win a
tournament at my local course. My only nagging issue is that once I hit a
couple bad shots on the course my swing tends to speed up and get worse and
worse. Whats the best way to recover from this? Thanks! Tom

bengunn99 says:

Good teacher to the point thanks

malanmalan says:

all your videos are very helpful, many thanks from brazil !!!

Yon Blanco says:

You tips are great Paul. Is not easy for someone who swing with the arms to
get the proper feeling of your concepts but when it does happen the ball
really goes nicely. I wish I could repeat the same feeling over and over
but is not that easy. Keeping a slow tempo has always been a problem. Will
keep trying though…thanks again for the great tips.

jhouser224 says:

Hey Paul, great video. I have a question about the arms in the golf swing.
While you take the club back, and during the downswing, are you thinking
about the arms at all? I was also wondering about taking the club back, and
where it should be pointing on the way back. If you have other videos that
explain this please link me to them! Thanks for all your help!

Piechien Teddie says:

what microphone did you use?

Jahon says:

This is a PERFECT summary of the video! =D

Louis Mahne says:

should do the work that’s where your power lies and and a more active lower
body makes it easier and effortless to get that distance and direction Well
done This is the first time i agree to a Pro on you-tube that knows what
they are talking about Well done and brilliant I use this principal in a
lot of my lessons!

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thank you very much. Definitely keep coiling and uncoiling. This is the way
to go then you will be basing your swing on torque which will repeat.
Hitting does not. Uncoiling is tricky. Just do the 3/4 distance shots and
lots of swings holding the club off the ground. When you hold it off the
ground, there is no ball to hit. This allows you to feel your legs powering
the swing.

jacob fetali says:

thank you, very useful

mumonzan says:

pretty good idea! I must try to shoot in 75%!

Samantha Jones says:

Taking my friends out and helping them with their swing, I constantly tell
them this. ESPECIALLY MEN!!! They always want to swing as hard and as fast
as they can. So hard for a male to slow down!!

David Breslow says:

great info! find more at mentalgolfcoahingdotcom

Tom Prichard says:

the course is pretty shoddy

Þorsteinn 'Olafsson says:

Hi from Iceland.I think your swing is awsome and your lessons very good. I
am training my lower body now to uncoil first and it is wery hard to learn
and when I tried it for the first time I could not do it. I first got back
pain trying to work those new muskles that had never been used in the
swing. ;). I am slowly learning it and it is amazing. Why is it so hard to
swing once the ball is on the ground?. when I have the ball the old over
the top monster creaps in ughhhhhhh.

Francis Giorgio says:

I’m some what older than the avg golfer, but have really good range of
motion.I’m having a hard time trying to touch the other knee as you
describe. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

Paul Wilson Golf says:

You don’t hit the ball going back. Just keep it smooth. This way you are
not rushing the downswing with the arms.

rpg865 says:

I’m new to golf, I’m 20 years old, I’d love to get into the next level of
golf, right now I’m hitting 100-109s out on any course I play, I’m using
some antique clubs, no hybrid just woods and irons. I’m trying to master a
swing I just have trouble with accuracy. I line up perfectly to the pin or
wherever I aim to hit to, usually end up to the right a LONG ways and it’s
not by a hook or slice in the ball its just where my body naturally wants
to hit the ball. Any tips would be appreciated by any.

Rainux Iven says:

Wow… what an effective lesson you’re giving us here. Thank you.

golftaschen says:

Bernie Ells? That says all about the quality of this video.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Glad you like the videos. Thanks. It is hard to hit the ball when it’s on
the ground because of human nature. It wants you to hit the object. You
have to against what you want to do and keep the arms turned off. Once you
do you will be able to do it off the ground. Swing easy and get used to
this feeling. Then speed up only the body rotation to hit it farther.

Françoise Jean says:

Good advice. Hard to create good tempo with an abnormally slow backswing.

SonicYouth5469 says:

Really good stuff here. I’ve always had a fluid relaxed swing that goes
straight which surprises my serious golfer friends, but getting real power
has been my problem. I’m still very new and need to be okay with adding a
stronger rotation

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Let the club swing wherever it wants to swing. Keep your arms powerless.
Coil and uncoil.

Peter Mitchell says:

It seems that your golf instruction is improving my game daily.

Petrus Henriksson says:

Hi Paul, just want to say I really like your golf tips. Your lessons has
given me more knowledge and I really start to improve my game. Regards from

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thanks. Glad you liked it.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thank you for your feedback. That’s great news about the tournament. You
should be trying to keep the arms powerless and use the lower body to hit
the ball. This is tough though. I like people to have the thought of
swinging at 50%. This will slow you down. So do a few practice swings
before you hit each shot thinking to yourself 50% then apply this feeling
to your shots. Right now hitting hard is not working so do the opposite.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Very good. Keep up the good work.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thanks. Glad I could help.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

YouTube makes the subtitles automatically so they are not perfect.

Graham McLaren says:

I’ve watched most of your golf instruction on You Tube. In my opinion you
and your golf instruction tips are second to none.. I’ve taken your golf
instruction on to the range then,the golf course and can see the results on
my scoring. Many Thanks for your instruction.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

The ball going straight right from a square setup is from you sliding
through impact. When you slide your upper body tilts too much right in the
downswing. This creates the path too much from the inside. You need to turn
your legs and hips more in the downswing. If you do it right your left leg
will be locked dead straight and the right left will have come around to
touch it in the follow through. Right now your left leg is buckled when you
are finished. It must be locked.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Yes, I am thinking to not use them in any way to hit the ball. I am
allowing my body to coil and uncoil with the arms going along for the ride.
Some people get this wrong and get too flat going back if they just turn.
You may have to lift the club up to set the backswing until it goes there
without having to lift it up there. I have a free trial on my Ignition Golf
site. Just look it up and this will allow you access to hundreds of my tips.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

That’s right. I just wish more people would follow this instruction.
Hopefully people try it.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thanks Pete. Glad I could help. Just keep at it and you will develop a
great swing in no time.

weibo Hu says:


Paul Wilson Golf says:

Too many cooks in the kitchen. I actually care about making people better.
They obviously don’t.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

That’s great news. Unfortunately, people keep trying to hit harder and
harder. When they do they tighten their arms and wrists which slows the
club down. The looser something is the faster it swings. Stay loose.

Paul Wilson Golf says:

Thank you very much. I will be posting more instructional tips in the

Yves Robitaille says:

Thanks a lot. You have helped me to be a better golfer. Easy swing is the
key. Now I understand. I lowered my score by six today. You make my day…!

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