Ernie Els Swing Tips

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Charon Dorrance says:

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Darcy C says:

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alsdyall says:

"…and off you go.."

TheBagBalm says:

I love this man

x513xSparks says:

"Easy back, keep the box" runs through my mind in Ernie's accent before every swing I take now haha.

The Artful Dodger says:

Here's something that if you're doing it wrong, you'll never improve. And if you fix it, you'll improve a bunch with practice. It is this:

The left knee action.

When starting the downswing, the left knee should be pulled straight back and locked. This is what they mean by "hitting off a firm left side". The knee should NOT be bowing towards the target or doing anything else.

If you do this correctly, you will be returning the club face to the ball exactly as it was at address because your body will remain relative to the ball at address. If you bow the left knee, you will drop the right shoulder, open the club face and hit about a half inch behind the ball, killing your distance.

Nico Nikson says:

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looks big easy,,,until you try to copy

guy man says:

To brief needs more detail

Kevin Rikerdson says:

Great share on this one thanks

ubb4me says:

I think you are confusing feel with nerves. People who use the long putter have lost their confidence / nerve. I can see the day when people start anchoring some funky chipping club to their bodies because they cant chip. The essence of putting is about nerves, stand over a 2 footer to win the masters. Choke like Hoch or Sanders at the british open. The long putter takes that away. They should have enforced the rule against anchoring a long time ago. Now cheaters have won majors.

Frolijanac says:

I like this … box-information. Thank you Ernie!

Dakota Young says:

for real tho the guy at the end sounded like a news anchor after a murder.. maybe a little bit more enthusiasm and i'd check your site out

Mogatroll EU says:

pmsl… dubstep potato… that one was new to me xD

Antoine Senay-Latendresse says:

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calledieden says:

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Derek Devereaux says:

@Jonsse if they aren't superior why are they banned?

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