Build Golf Swing with 5 Simple Steps Golf Tip Video

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Golf Life TV features TOP 100 Teacher Gale Peterson with a golf lesson everyone can improve from. Build your golf swing from the ground up with 5 steps. More…


E. Torch. says:

Thanks for a great video!

Paul G says:

This is a good instruction video. But, for an intellectual exercise,
compare her swing and body positions to Jack Nicklaus, try “Jack Nicklaus
One Swing” as a Youtube search term and compare short irons swings/body
positions. Good luck to all.

ST Looi says:

great tip

David Arbelaez says:

This is exactly how the golf swing needs to be explained. Simple, to the
point without complicated discussions. You tube has thousands upon
thousands of golf swing tips. Let’s not forget that we are playing golf not
“golf swing.” This game is much simpler than many make it. Thank you Gale.

Dennis Greear says:

here you go baby :)

victor lam says:
paul sun says:

let’s how simple is it ! every step you make bring you success in world
campion easy.

Marianne Ferris says:

This is the best video I have ever watched. Would love to take a lesson
from you.

Scott Fetner says:

thank you miss peterson, that was a fantastic lesson. what a wonderful way
for a beginner to understand how to start small and go big with emphasis on
the most important part which is impact!!

kady7869 says:

Excellent vid. Very well described. Have always had problems with the
shoulder turn and subsequent lack of power. Will try to go through the
drills in the vid.

danzigboy1 says:

great instruction just learning the sport thank you for ur time !

Golf Tips says:

@JSOO59 I’ll keep that in mind next golf tip edit. I hope the cut didn’t
ruin the video so much you weren’t able to learn.

Golf Tips says:

Glad this video could help. Be sure to let us know how it went.

Gabe Saavedra says:

Gale’s breakdown of a swing is on target and helpful for most high

masonhope says:

many thanks I’ve been watching this with my oldest son aged 6. Very easy to
follow and very effective. His swing is coming on well. Hope you like my
video response.

Jancen says:

Nice video. I’m planning to get some lessons. Not sure whether to go with
an indoor golf simulator or in a real golf course. The former won’t be able
to teach me any putting and bunker shots but was told they would do a video
analysis of my swing. Which one would you recommend?

NE Florida Fishing says:

Geez you make it look so easy

남 종우 says:

I love it!

David Schultz says:

TGM lady.

Golf Tips says:

Gale Peterson works at the Sea Island Golf Learning Center at the Sea
Island Golf Resort. She also has her own website you can visit for more

3SecondsFromDeath says:

Because she is not lined up correctly to the white plank! Her body is aimed
right. Seh doesnt practice what she’s saying. Watch stage 2 at 3:20 paying
close attention to how high her follow through comes, then listen as she
states “and the club head below my hands”! Ok vid but i’ve seen better.

Michael Billingsley says:

@TheNYgolfer Come on – that is not a nice comment. She is a great teacher.

Golf Tips says:

Thank you for watching our video and your comment. We have many more great

Brad Morris says:

Excellent. Can we now do a 5 step video from a side view that focuses on
swing plane and maintaining the spine angle through impact?

Golf Tips says:

Excellent idea. I’ll forward your request up the chain of command. I
wouldn’t expect anything until after winter

Golf Tips says:

Funny as your comment may be. I hope that’s not the only thing you took
from this golf tip.

jeff friar says:

Good info. Although, I would suggest you always have a good teacher guide
you in person because as the famous golf quote goes “What you feel is
almost never real”. These are basic fundamental also. We are not all the
same. There is always an exception to the rule that can work very well.
There are 1000’s of geometrically correct golf swings, some better at
different shots, some not possible due to physical limitations. Overall,
solid fundamentals.

Golf Tips says:

I’m glad you found this video helpful. Your going to have to let us know
how much you improved bu using these drills.

ulli0011 says:

Don’t believe that it’s simple … it only looks like as it is Happy building

Bill Shannon says:

Great video. We need more women teachers…they are better in communicating
the true flow of a correct golf swing. I know all old men, like myself,
would appreciate more instruction from this great teacher.

JSOO59 says:

I think it would have helped more if the camera would have stayed facing
you instead of changing as you impacted the ball

bbunch05 says:

Fantastic video! My swing has fallen apart and I think working on these 5
steps should get me back on track. Thanks!

kennymescall says:


jordan elliott says:

cheers babe

Jill Rosenwald says:

well done, informative and concise. thank you

jwp570 says:

I wish it were that easy.

TheCapetiger says:

Not only is this a good lesson for beginners, but also a good drill to have
various distances in your arsenal. If you can control 5 distances with one
club, imagine how many with all your irons. A good lesson thank you

Manny Rodriguez says:


Chadasdf says:

fuckin made me choke on my sandwich man LOL

Phil Arseneault says:

you really need to get all the wrist-cock in there!

blueliam02 says:

excellent analysis on how to simplify the golf swing

Mr. No says:

step 1 is a chip, step 2 a pitch, right?

Dan Pesant says:

twenty year golfer always willing to learn …thanks

Mark Stein says:

Great video. I recently took a lesson to hit irons with a forward divot (I
cast my irons) and could not get the hang of it. However, after seeing you
start with step 1 and step 2 I realized it’s exactly how I hit my pitch
shots which I do very well. Lagging makes more sense now, can’t wait to get
to the range to give it another try.

turphat says:

starting to learn golf! pretty awesome! =) go golf!

Kees Tel says:

She has the same voice as Roseanne 🙂

TheMarathonomahos says:

I am a professional golfer. Watch her left arm and notice how that arm
stays straight in the backswing and the follow through which is a little
harder for a woman than a man. But that straight arm with a full shoulder
turn is the basic fundamental to power and accuracy.

davidstevan says:

I wish I’d seen this 10 years ago. Drag the handle past the ball and trust
the club to get to the ball by gravity alone. Great, thanks.

Roy Rodgers says:

I watched her clip several times and my swing has really improved, she
finally got through to me. I just finished a round this morning, where I
did not miss hit a single shot. The key for me has been my backswing, and
keeping my mind on my hands. All my clubs have really improved.

secretogolf says:

Excellent video accept you left out the weight shift and turn on the left

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