Best Golf swing tips ever

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Close Get A Golf Swing Like Tiger Woods! Lengthen your Drive and Cut your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just Two weeks.” You Can Unlock Y…


Global News says:

nice training video

Ch33rios00 says:

I allways knew you should hinge your wrists, but never did it untill last
month. Im now driving a 310 yard draw with consistancy!

Golfingbeginner says:

A great mentor well worth paying for a pro to teach you these tricks

Cliff G. says:

Video sucks to much talking and not enough action. Put up or shut up.

DaEpicDuck says:

mashed potatos!!

joshharvey1990 says:

This was really a helpful video… I do like the way he broke down the
swing making it simpler. Could I re blog this on my site?
thegolfjunkies.blogspot. I have some other useful lessons that I’ve found.
Feel free to check those out! Good luck with your game in the new year!

ko myo says:


Tweet Mass says:

So…… cool By

Lawrence Mo says:

instructions weren’t clear. I got my dick caught in the 7 iron.

mralemelle says:

swing like this guy and you ll be in good shape, check it out, Alessandro
Melle Swing

dodgerland559 says:

Nice tips

MrRobinsonDavid says:

I just wanted to say that this golf swing guide really helped me and I
recommend it to everybody.

Murray Thorpe says:


Billie Matterson says:

Nice video some really interesting tips

mbsurfer198 says:

Get clearer tips. Go to TipsOnGolfSwings[DOT]com for more tips.

AaronWyatt100 says:

thanks for a great video

binlizard says:

i fink i bougt da rong clubz. wnt out n played 2day n shot 134. tw blades u

Anthony McMahon says:

right or left eye dominant if you play golf you better find out at[mental
training & life skills.

MrVideoDudes says:

its soo blurry

logyscott says:

@binlizard Work on spelling first, then your swing

jeanmunn says:

Cut your handicap by 7-12 strokes in two weeks ???? utter nonsense, I will
put up any amount of money if anyone,,,and I mean anyone can take a 12
handicap player and make him a scratch golfer in two weeks. Oh c’mon get
fucking serious will you !! great to have good input but to throw absolute
false hope to amateur golfers is not fair at all.

soulshine42oh says:

practice ur damn grammer.. homes

juqisan says:

Very good! I like it.

Sim Ply says:

its all about your one body movement in a one time techniques.Great
tutorial.keep it up!

AlexisTorrest says:

Simple Golf Tips, Guaranteed to Lengthen Your Drive and Shave 7 Strokes.
Check it here bit*ly/simple-golf-swing (please change * for .)

JLWBrew says:

Is he hitting off a tee? Hard to tell from the video. Otherwise I will try
the L-Drill to see how it meshes with my swing. Thanks for posting!

binlizard says:

I am new golf n bougt sum TW blades cuz tiger plays dem. I got ma handycap
bak n I am a 27 and cnt hit da ball. Plz help! wot am i doin rong

Golf Super Swing says:

Good Video!

Aaron Laferriere says:

@binlizard its not always the clubs fault gotta get a good swing first

dan keyser says:

i’m off 12 if i do this il be off scratch?…. i dont think so!

Hawaiian Honu says:

I saw a guy do that L move on the golf range. He don’t even do a complete
full swing and finish. His driver goes well past 250 yards easy. Everything
else goes as far too. I never knew what he was doing until now. Its an
amazing effortless swing. His equipment must be geared up too. He uses a
UST shaft and titleist 909 head. But, with a half swing like that, I am
guessing he is using a reg. shaft instead of a stiff. Thanks for the tip.
Any other suggestion or hints, please send.

jassygolf says:

look at swinglab.. its more deeper but so true… i know a guy who dropped
from handicap 20’s -to 12 to 6 in 6 weeks…

binlizard says:

Thank you for helping me out guys. I have fixed my spelling and my grammar
in the past year and now I am a two handicapper. Good advice 🙂

Yanko Bruno says:

L foir losser haallololol

bigboycat1 says:


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