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Mike Malaska Putting Drill and test

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K Coble says:

This sounds a lot like he's having you figure out your eye dominance. If you know you're right handed and right eye dominant, you're going to see the putting line differently than many tour players who are cross-dominant. I've seen that trick before about planting your rear foot as you line up the putt – again has to do with seeing the putting line with your dominant eye.

Michael M says:

Step 2 is me all day. Great advice

FairwayJack says:

good stuff …and I do not take practice strokes either …they should be banned

barry nicholas says:

The guy in shorts, what a jerk!

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

Dont overcomplicate putting.
Just put and you will get better,start close to the hole and go backwards..

d1mcmahon says:

Tried the drill form 4 ft. and couldn't get my eyes to see the line when i got over the ball to putt. So I went like a foot from the hole and tried again. Surprise, surprise when I got my eyes about 6 inches OUTSIDE the ball then it looked lined up. Yet this is the first thing you're told not to do when learning to putt. Now I can actually see the line when standing over the putt!!!
Never would have ever considered doing that without this drill, thanks.

bucket415 says:

Very interesting. I tried the ball line thing and went away from it because every time I stood over the ball, the line was wrong and I'd miss. This might change my life.

Thomas Morrissey says:

My biggest problem is putting alignment. This is a great video.

Kevin Boock says:

So "the guy in the shorts" he was being respectful and confirming that he was understanding his direction. He wanted to the seasoned golfer to give the direction…quite hating. With that all said, what a great video. I am excited to try these tips. I feel like I should be a great putter but I am terrible compared to what I should be. Too many 3 putts and too many 2 putts that are finishing outside of 5 feet. Again, really appreciate BOTH of you and can't wait to try this out!

1 Putt says:

Tried this on the practice green today. The longer the putt, the longer it takes to ensure the line on the ball is indeed lined up correctly by using the putter shaft as a straight edge, and then readjusting the ball and line on it in relation to the hole. I think using this method can cure yipping putts because it is its own process. I found I had to forward press my hands (therefore putter face) much more than I was, in order to get the ball tumbling properly so that the line on the ball didn't wobble much. Bumpy greens can send the ball into a wobble motion however. I really like the instant feedback you get from using the line and really had no idea there was a purpose to it and thought guys just pointed the line to the hole for a "basic" reference. Aiming the line on the ball with the shaft is very important, as I found that placing the line on the ball to what I thought was at the cup usually was off by quite a bit and it wasn't until I used the putter shaft and readjusted the line, that I was able to roll in long putts with confidence or at least have them so close to going in. Keep in mind that at about 12 feet, you only have 1 degree of variance with the putter face or you will miss the putt.

I will use this method during tomorrow's round but I'm sure it might take some practice to do it quickly. Don't want to piss off playing partners. Thanks for the tip. Knowledge is King and doing something with purpose and understanding, just might blow the competition away! I've said for years now that the reason I miss so many Putts is because I hit my line … it just turns out that my line is quite far off the line I should be rolling it on.

I'm not sure I fully understand what is happening when the instructor gets you to move your eyes closer or further from the intended line with the Tee. I tried that today as well and I don't know what I'm supposed to see, one way or the other. It's not like I see the Stars align or something? Whether above or off the line, everything seemed to be in line? Perhaps you can explain that better?

Tony Santos says:

stop talking over the other person…

Rich Grisham says:

I had to come back an find this video because it has been the single best tip for putting I've ever had. I would say I have decent touch with the putter without a clue. Now, I would say I've got decent touch with the putter, and now, I've got a clue! With a couple exceptions because of miss reads, I didn't do more than two putt all day. Tanks!

Shawn Moran says:

I've studied Peltz books but this technique is very simple and eliminates a lot of variables. Thank you.

sir_NICKS_allot_ment says:

Simple yet fascinating on the putting thoughts… eye opener.

fabby8000 says:

Definitely was my problem. One of our local pros sent out the tip in his weekly email of not necessarily being directly over the ball so you could see the line. My putting improved straight away. I was getting too obsessed with technique. It brought feel back into my putting.

Luca Taylor says:

continuous gradually fresh switch lose Muslim future estimate.

Brandon Jackley says:

I applied these tips to my round Saturday and was AMAZED! I sank two 12 footers and a 15 footer and a 28 footer. #gamechanger

The Dreams Machine says:

Wow! Great! Being a beginner and watching so many videos, this is definitely the most helpful putting video I've seen!

Damoli says:

Yep yep yep… Feedback: Be a good listener and let him speak to the camera.. You seem stressed..

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