Which Putting Grip Should You Use?

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In this video we look at some different golf putting grips you can use to help improve your scores.


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Cole Billings says:

I personally like the claw grip

darvish2012 says:

Throughout of my golf career (spanning around seven years) I have been using a putter grip that is left higher than the right hand. I switched from Tiger's reverse overlap, to my regular club grip, to no overlap or interlock to right hand right next to the shaft while my left hand is near the butt of the grip. I use this grip because it gives me more control over the line.

4HoursTV says:

What about the 2 thumb grip… usually used with a "2 thumb" branded putter grip. I use the 2 thumb grip with a fatso no.5 Superstroke grip. Side by side hands so less worry about one hand / shoulder being dominant. Have you ever seen / tried it?

Cameron Butler says:

Left hand low, or reverse overlap for myself however for most of my golfing career I have used the tiger woods conventional style grip

Jacob Sever says:

I'm all about that baseball grip. Right hand low, no fingers overlapping. Tried & true.

Cameron Barry says:

I often switch between traditional grip and left hand low grip… any suggestions as to which one to stick with?

Zebastian Söderman says:

im using your grip without overlapping i think im going to try your grip looks more stable.
really good video keep it up.

Dakota Stanley says:

Great Video Pete! Not enough people talking about the putting game. I'm left handed so I just need to switch all the left and right instructions.

Jeffrey Schechter says:

Just got an Odyssey Works RX #7. It feels a little lighter than I want. Do you suggest lead tape? I use a conventional grip right now. Thanks Pete!

sub333 says:

Great stuff, Pete, thank you. Going to try a couple of them on the practice green…

notformebeaky says:

The answer to any golf question is………..whatever works best for you. There's no correct and there's not wrong way.
That goes for grip, clubs, swing, preparation, etc etc etc.

Tyron Rees says:

Great video – please more vids on putting! Way too many on swing plane etc.

James Gibson says:

I use a pistol style grip with thumbs down the front one hand below the other and then both index fingers flanking the sides of the putter. So conventional style with the index fingers providing stability of line with a straight back and through stroke

Chase Thurgood says:

I'm loving the content peter finch!

Alistair Hennessey says:

Have you ever seen people mix grips? For example a claw/pencil for those short nervy putts and then a more conventional grip for longer more speed controlling putts in the same round? I use claw and have had similar problems with distance control over longer putts.
Keep up great work.

Ian Housham says:

I have tried all of the grips and the closer I am to the hole the worse I putt, unless I use a heavy headed putter. I believe its all in the mind, in practise no problem in a match different. I am trying to think of Seve advice ' Don't think about the consequences '

Paul Scott says:

Use the one that feel comfortable and works for you, Simple!,

Kyle O'Brien says:

I putt with a in between full on claw grip and pencil grip? I put my first two fingers plus thumb over the grip and the rest up against the side and it helped me with speed. My alignment was never a problem but putting on Texas greens some can be very fast, the claw helped me slow down my pace

KB CHEF says:

I use the pencil grip just like you showed. It does give me better control of the face. Great teacher you are. 👍🏼🍺

lachlan john says:

I used to use the reverse grip and it started causing me to pull it so I suggest using the finger interlock grip because I went to that and now my putting couldn't be better

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