Putting Tip – World’s Best 3 Putting Drills

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beniteztheconman says:

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….does this guy ever actually start talking about

Lt. Weinberg says:

Was this a 12 minute infomercial to buy a timeshare in New Zealand?

KH Kim says:

Too much talking.

Matthew Brandl says:

I almost laughed at you when you suggested putting over a coin from one
foot . I did it and played the next day only to find I had 24 putts my
lowest yet considering I’ve recently been on around 36 . there is nothing
better than the look on your opponents face when you drain 3 twenty footers
In a row 

Dhruv Chawla says:

Are you at MGA?

douglas fletcher says:

and sleep

Zynthesis says:

I was going to tell a gay joke, butt fuck it.

Paul Young says:

Great putting dwills

Joe Simmons says:

How did you choose the “three drills”?
Very good once you get past the intro.

Missy bobo says:

Too much talking

Peter Murray says:

Wow, it took this dude 5 minutes to tell me what he told me he was planning
to tell me.

Jeerapon Tonechai says:

dude talks too much. say u not relax and no fun

Matthew ROP says:

Video could have been 2 minutes long! 

Young Golf says:

Thanks!! great video, hope this works! Check some of my videos out please 

Joshua Wilson says:

this guy is a trippa

2121toso says:

Almost turned it off because I thought it was a sales pitch. Glad I
didn’t. Three great drills. Thanks!

Conor Button says:

when does this weirdo actually start talking about putting?

EnVyDaNnY says:


xRAGEharderNOOBx69 says:

Really enjoyed the last drill, really helped way to go!!!!!

MrGobestar says:

skip to 3:20. This guy is one boring bastard.

MimmGigg says:

I am an impatient golfer and impatient You Tube watcher, my tip, speed it

saint2perth says:

I think the 3 tips are pretty good, Ill give them ago and see But man does
anyone else think this guy is a bit of a nob, and i cant wait to make my
mates like me better The whole idea when i play is to really piss of my
mates and win…. Anyone agree…..

MrJimbodian says:

Is Putting Yips his name?

legobrain2000 says:

3:07 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Major9999 says:

Those are some fancy golf shoes…lol!

Roy Amatore says:

This is a great putting video. First rate tips. Can’t wait to take it to
the practice green.

SoupermanXiong says:

I’ll give u give 5 minutes or less so go n redo this video

Anders Mahoney says:

who is this spook?

newman370 says:

Aussie Asian?

David Moncur says:


douglas kim says:

put with your mouth.

andrew coghill says:

been trying your drill for a round 6 weeks now and must say its got me from
8 handicap to 5 thanks for a grate help to my game

FeralRobot says:

“A magical spell that pushes the increase confidence button in you

Brian McClure says:

Please cut the crap and show the tips first and foremost… 11:00 for 3

davidczyrnik says:

Whats the diffference if you use a coin or the hole….a gradual advance in
distance is the same…..and isn’t this just practicing….a drill is

WilliamGM3rd says:

Thanks great drills this is taking my game way up. I like the building of

stu says:

This is great advise.

Stuart Glasgow says:

Can’t wait for my golf buddies to like me better

fob2222 says:

Talk too much!!!!!

Alec Dent says:

So where is the PDF??

Tilted1984 says:

some people are just to rude to take golf seriously. i thought it was a
great vid dude. and im subscribing.

MrArchuletad says:

Sounds good….gonna try them out.

Dreama40 says:

My buddies love me already 🙂 aaawww

Tristan Britt says:

Is that at MGA?

Willie Fouche says:

Simonwallis30 Why the negative comments. Keep them to yourself. Golf is
tough as it is, no need for negative comments.

Stu Brown says:

Good drills. As a favor to future viewers: #1 @ 4:33 #2 @ 7:16 #3 @ 9:05

TheCcmmff says:

Putting.golf swings up come.check.them.out.and.help out.if.you can thank

James Johnson says:

There is no real surprise here ..ive been doing this for 6 years …

will122391 says:

Practicing putting always takes off pressure. If anything, you want to sink
practice putts in a row to try to simulate pressure that you would normally
have on the course.

Stephen Williams says:

what an absolute waffler

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