Putting Secrets; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement

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www.shawnclementgolf.com Shawn Clement, Director of the Richmond Hill Golf Learning Centre, and top 25 CPGA Teaching Professional as rated by Score Golf Maga…


Maxprankz says:

Awesome thanks man can’t wait to try it out tomorrow :)

mpotrumpet1 says:

Quietest legs ever. Wow.

looseleftie says:

Hey Shawn, after watching your vid the day before, today, I went out and
shot my PB.. The difference , putting!! Your vid, is brilliant!!! Logical,
easy to understand and implement… I am a beginner, and it helped me no
ends to have a basic strategy in playing the greens.. It’s funny, it’s so
simple, almost obvious, yet, your ideas truly work… Also the rest of your
videos which I am beginning to go through, all appear to simplify golf..
Sincerely thank you..

Shawn Clement says:

@gregrutz You always want to aim the action of the arm-putter unit; see my
“tuning the putting stroke” and “perpetually putting” videos; Shawn

angoorkha says:

Shawn, love the video. Any recommendation on putter style? Blade or mallet?

Walter Allred says:

Brilliant! I can’t wait to practice this and test it on the course. You
blew my mind. Thanks you so much for the lesson. The concepts alone are
enough to transform my entire game. Liked and subscribed.

spankyclifton says:

Very informative.

clubbed2death says:

Really helpful. Nice manner

Tom Strong says:

Great vid!! the best putting vid I have come across to date.. Lets hope
with this in mind it will help my putting. as its costing me a lot of shots
and money lol.. Thanks Will be checking out you other vids as well. Top Job

Tom Reese says:

Thanks for the great instruction on which muscles to use when doing the
putting stroke. This really makes the stroke so much smoother and
repeatable. The explanation you give of getting the weight of the arm club
unit “under the shoulder sockets” really helps to keep the putter head on
its natural line. Keep up the great work!!! It’s truly appreciated!!

StNige says:

Speaking as a complete novice I found that very useful.

iphone3gs1888 says:

Great video, one question, iv been getting lessons to fix my slices, from
my irons and driving. I have got this fixed but I still feel uncomfortable
and lees confident in my swing, now when I hit my shots Instead of hitting
slice shots I hit duff ones, any ideas? Many thanks

VtStik says:

excellent video. you cured my putting woes i think with your set up advice,
i’ll see tomorrow, if i win, you’re the man!

Shawn Clement says:

@titleistprov69 This distance is very important; the key here is to feel
that once you are set up, that the putt is no longer under your control;
you have already lined up, set-up and now it is all about letting momentum
put the ball into the hole for you; no not steer it!! Shawn

Shawn Clement says:

@4golfonline Very rarely do I do video analysis anymore; it is mostly for
new students who have issues matching their perception to reality; when the
perception matches, the need is gone; Hogan didn’t have it and we still
marvel at his swing…:) Shawn

jahende says:

Great putting lesson… The best I’ve seen! Keep up the good work and

Lindy190 says:

Thank you Shawn! You have finally shown me why I’m off plain. My arms where
too far away from my body!!

Golf Simulator Guys says:

Very nice…I like how you weren’t vague how most instructions are. The
best part was telling on what muscles to use.

blueR2Golf says:

Freaking awesome Shawn. I’ve had one putting lesson (due to lack of
interest of instructors) and that quack didn’t cover a fraction of what you
covered here. Thanks so much for the great video!

Afzal Mufti says:

A very good lesson!

polskaporduction says:

Hey Shawn beginner here when i go to put my arms are not perfectly
straight? is that proper posture?

rayallenwhoelse21 says:

Dear Mr. ClemShaw, im just now beginning in golf and i am having trouble
with the breaks i know the clubhead should point towards the hole but if i
hit straight at the hole it will break and ill miss the putt by a long
shot. however if i point the clubhead towards the break the ball still ends
up on not going towards the hole because of the club head. what should i do?

Pill Box says:

sound quality fucking sucks

Mark DiMatteo says:

Can you comment on the importance of the lie angle and face balance of a
putter ? You seem to have a straight back and through stroke …does your
putter have an upright lie angle ? Is it a face balanced putter ? It looks
like the one Payne used…Do you feel that ab muscles get involved in the
stroke at all ? Did you ever try a little “squeeze” of the right ab on the
follow through ?

pootube50 says:

Great tips! One tip for you however, GER RID OF THE SKIVVY!! You look like
the white wiggle. Besides that great advice looking forward to sinking some

Shawn Clement says:

@RebornLayneStaley Before doing that, you need to go see more of my videos
on putting and then see the man himself, Geoff Mangum at “putting zone” dot
com. See “golf pro lesson fine tuning the putting stroke” and “golf pro
lesson perpetual putting” as well as “golf pro lesson leaving putts short”.

darkjak6 says:

great info, thanks alot

Nick Tannahill says:

Thanks,, you are the best teacher on youtube… and I’m really saying this
truthfully. I’m a 3 handicap and check YOUR stuff only for tips, everyone
else I really don’t trust. Could you do something for the 5 footers? I
noticed that you use a SeeMore Putter too. I’ve had one for 2 years now and
love it!!

TheMons3921 says:

great stuff. thanks.

Shawn Clement says:

@pawndominance1, A big change in setup and technique manipulations isn’t
really necessary to get that topspin type roll. With the ball slightly
forward of centre, the putter will naturally be rising slightly into
impact. You’re on the right track, just avoid making manipulations to
achieve a true roll, proper ball position and letting gravity track the
stroke will take care of it for you.

lee eason says:

thanks for all the videos’ the last few nights i have been watching your
video’s i now cannot wait to get out and give it all a go. for a new
starter in golf you make the principles behind golf a lot more easier to
digest. Ill give you feedback on how it come together in the coming
weeks.Thanks Shawn.

whetedge says:

Good, sound, and simple instruction. For alignment though, I still like to
pick a spot 2-3 feet in front of the ball and draw a line in my mind from
it to the ball; same as I do for every shot, Joe Hill

Mark Crossfield says:

Great video love the studio. Are you a v1 guy or a gasp vido guy.

ellsimpseone says:

great video as per, but when i hang the putter so it feels comfortable, as
i take the putter away my legs get in the way of my hands and have to re
route it away which produces a lot of pulls, not sure what to do about this

pawndominance1 says:

@clemshaw ..well if the ideal hit would be a slight top spin, you would
putt more like phil mickelson…a spine tilt, with a leaned
clubface…almost,wehn exagerated, like hitting a driver if you know what i

Nort McGort says:

@clemshaw Enjoy the video a lot. I typically drain all of my putts within
6ft. However, in the last week I seem to have hit a slump. I missed about 4
par putts from inside 4 ft the other day and this has happened to me in
several rounds in the last 10 days or so. Do golfers go through a putting
slump the same way baseball players go through hitting slumps? I don’t want
to change my putting stoke but I’m wondering if it’s time to make changes
or if I should just be patient and ride this out?

pawndominance1 says:

Are the only variables of putting 1. Angle of shaft at impact 2. Path of
club 3. Face square to target (close,square, open) ………Ive been trying
to think of more but thats all i can come up with…If these variables are
correct, your going to hit a perfect putt, disregarding speed…

AJD9775 says:

Look forward to trying this on the course, thanks

Cody0148 says:

i have my pratice putting green up and im getting it in every time thanks

chibber1980 says:

Wow, thats a great tip about the lining up with the name or arrow on the
ball. I would never have thought of that, as simple as it obviously is.
Thats going to be a great help on the course for me. Thanks

jobinv112 says:

Thanks. Great tutorial.

ColinLovesRock says:

Definitely one of the best videos I have ever watched. It was very specific
and it felt like this guy was in front of me giving me lessons. I actually
never thought of lining the writing to my putting line, such a great method
that I never would have thought of. Thanks so much!

Jason Pollock says:

Great Video, how would you deal with a putt that is 3 foot vs 10 Foot?
Shorter backswing or Follow through? Thanks Jason

ProGolfTips says:

Shawn- I was wondering i have the best looking swing of all my playing
partners and looks quite like rory mcilroys ive compared them but i play
off the highest handicap of 11 and its quite anoying ive worked so hard on
it and my playing partners swings look awful but they hit it so well so is
it better to have a good looking swing or a bad looking swing and hit it

tenaciousbee says:

Shawn, at 2:30 you say that we want to strike the ball at the bottom of the
arc to get the ball rolling. I have heard that you strike the ball above
its equator on the upswing to get the ball rolling end over end. Are these
the same or am I misguided. Both make sense to me. I hit up on the ball.
Thanks, Creat Video. Cal from Dallas

misskrisyu says:

looks like will ferrell

lzaikos says:

Helped me the first time out on the course, thank you! L. Zaikos

ShambolicSuperstar says:

Putting has always hurt my game. I have the technique i just seem never to
be able to line the putts up properly.

Anthony Procopis says:

Once you have the technique correct as per the video get onto the other 95%
of putting…The four R’s. Read (the putt deeply). Routine (same very
time). React (look back to the ball then go). Review the putt 1-3. This is
works out on the golf course…under pressure where it counts.

Shawn Clement says:

@pawndominance1, Ideally the ball would come off the face with a little bit
of topspin, allowing it to roll true and not skid off the putter. The
mechanics of it is similar to hitting a topspin forehand in tennis, the
putter is moving slightly up into the ball with a solid hand position (no
wrist breakdown). Play the putter in the centre of your stance and the ball
just forward of that. From there, just maintain a solid “letter Y” with
your arm club unit as you swing the putter with momentum.

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