Improve Your Distance Control when Putting

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Improve Your Distance Control when Putting. Part 2 of the lowering your scores series with National Club Golfer Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about distance control and how to lower your golf scores with improved putting. Controlling distance is a key part of good putting and with this simple and easy to follow golf lesson you too could improve this over looked part of your golf game.

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Kelly Miller says:

Mark I tend to top all my long putts when I have to hit them hard. How do I stop this problem? Thanks!

Elias Nissilä says:

I'm sorry man, I can't watch your videos anymore because your voice is annoying.

perrykruger says:

I watched this for the first time today and tried it out on the course in a wee bounce game and the results where outstanding, I thought my putting was getting good but this just stepped my game up, thanks again Marc!

Jesus Cerna says:

my friend always tells me "distance before the line" it help.

j keyes says:

Mark, love the videos! Maybe you can help me out seems like some rounds I go out and I've got all the lines pegged on my putts but I will leave them short. Then keep loving them short all day. Obviously hit it harder is the easy answer but how can I overcome that back of the mind feeling of don't blow it ten feet past the hole. And I don't mean way short but some days I leave the ball a half foot short all day.

cwugrad396 says:

I did this routine before I played today … 29 putts!!!!!!

TheWesterndevon says:

Lovely looking green, where are you?

MrSekitori says:

Wouldn't it be better to actually look at the hole while putting, thus 'programming' your brain with the feeling of the speed of the putter while watching the result….

wibble entity says:

Is this for Buzza?

cwugrad396 says:

great video … definitely going into my favorites list

Golf Fox says:

I more or less do this anyway. first thing I ever learned about putting was to keep the head down after making the putt, So for me it's normally 2 seconds before I look up after a putt.

Vici Martynov says:

I don't have to shut my eyes, it wouldn't make any difference. Once I have addressed the ball I glance briefly at the hole and get its jizz (think you golfing purists would call that reading the green), i look back at the ball and never look at the hole again, direction and distance is programmed in so I just hit it. I expect a 2 put. if it goes in its a bonus. Its the magic ingredients, confidence and committing to the strike 😉

Adam Flynn says:

Couldn't agree more if u can judge the speed well even if u read the break poorly u will still have a very short putt for ur 2nd. focusing on distance control knocked shots of my handicap quickly and my putting went from strength to strength as my confidence grew.

Manny Wolf says:

Nice drill, thanks Mark. I struggle with distance control – a lot! Do you have a system for judging distances, e.g. backswing length, or are you just thinking about delivering the clubhead at certain speeds? Your course vlogs are also mighty entertaining, keep up the good work.

Paul G says:

Great start to the putting series! Now give us something on breaking putts. I would argue that 95% of all putts per round have some break to them. Please show us the relationship between the aim point in front of the hole where the ball starts to track to the hole as it slows down. Going to the practice green today. Thanks Mark!

Kai P. Rinha says:

"…I was an art student for a little bit of time…" This explains so much 🙂 #PlayerOfTheYear2015MarkCrossfield

Andy Berry says:

When Crossfield talks about putting, I listen. Great tip. #magicwand

Trekingwith Trek says:

what is that putter?

lagwagon501 says:

Buzza specific lesson here.

Jason Semmler says:

I was taught to put enough pace on my putts to go 8" – 12" past the hole (if I miss the hole). Is this correct? Thanks for all the great videos, and instruction!!!

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