For heavens sake hold the Putter properly!

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The Masters is just around the corner. Let’s face it Augusta national provides one of the toughest putting tests of the year.
We received some simple putting grip advice from Paul Williams, Short game specialist at Horne Park Golf club in Surrey. It made us hole more putts, this advice will do the same for you!
Paul uses Quintic technology to break down your stroke so you understand why you hole and why you miss!
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Wanna B Gamer says:

It's the stroke not the damn grip

Billy C says:

Helped me my 1st round after putting it in play. Distance control immediately got better on very fast greens. Thanks!

MrA8figureman says:

Thanks I've been looking for some members to explain this to where I could see it, everyone explains the left left but never the right. Great job mate.

SuperRayrobinson says:

There is a man who has won 14 majors that you need to have a word with then.

Jpgundarun says:

Yes, learn how to hold the putter properly! Then learn how to stand, how to swing not hit, how to not break the wrists, how to keep the triangle with the forearms and shoulders, how to set up square to the target, how to read greens and break, how to judge pace/speed, how to read the grain, How to factor in the wind, how not to move the head, how to lag putt, how not to 3 putt. Really easy as long as you hold the putter properly. LOL. 

sonicdeviant says:

The "praying hands" grip is great advice for any beginner just picking up a putter. True that putting can be highly individual and that there's no one "right" way to do anything in putting. I like the concept of gripping the club so that the hands are neutral and so that as many small muscles are kept out of the stroke as possible. Any pushing of the right hand that makes the left wrist cup more is, IMHO, the only real putting fault to avoid with respect to grip/hands/wrists.

James Ruhnke says:

This is nonsense. All we need is everybody screwing around with how they hold their putters, as if they aren't taking all day as it is. Oh, and get rid of that annoying accent too. I use a split grip, 2-3 inches between the hands…..just like a child holds it the first time he tries a putt. Works great. Makes me use my right hand and is natural. "Pendulum putting" is for morons. We have more than one pivot point, it's called a human body not a metronome.

rich soar says:

Seriously good to know. Thanks.

Pieter Losecaat Vermeer says:

All the comments that state that you should hold the putter in a way whatever works best for you are stating the obvious without going into the technique and biomechanical science of how the body and neuro scientific, the brain works in motor skills and movement. It is so easy to say whatever works. If we would do that in teaching in general we would not need to teach any more. Just find out whatever works for you and …
The argument that someone like Darcy did that and Bubba Watson now only goes so far as that they are incredible successful with their own specific techniques. It does not say anything about what and how good they would or could have been when thaught and learned differently. This old dilemma is in all sport teaching and instruction the same, but we have seen in all the sports as well that in the end sound, scientific techniques are preferable and work. Otherwise we all might stop researching and learning about those right now.

Pieter Losecaat Vermeer says:

Those who think this is golly whop advise will never understand what it takes to putt well. Whatever works…yeah sure….this grip does that…works..  Great advice

jokester198 says:

thanks dude, very informative!

Ryan Dorn says:

Fantastic grip. I've putted left hand low for 15 years and just applied this routine to my grip. So much more stable. Thanks!

Matt Muehlberger says:

Wow!  Changed my game.  Putting lights out now.  Thanks for this!

Nona Richardson says:

Best way to grip the putter hands down! This is amazing

ah goor says:

Sorry !! just B..S..  Whatever works is the best way..After this, I would never believe anything you say about golf…

mark c says:

yea I seem to have had a pinkie finger with nowhere to go trying this grip.

ah goor says:

total nonsense !!!!..  the best grip is the one that works consistently for you…

Amy Capen says:

I want to know how to grip the putter when I'm being menacing.

Kyle Emery says:

I saw the title of this video and immediately ignored it, putting grip has nothing to do with how you perform on the greens. Putting grip is purely preference, you are going to hold the putter in a solid way, but it doesnt matter how. 

Colin Fisher says:

putting grip is a preference not a one grip fits all

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