Disc Golf – Ricky Wysocki – Putting Clinic 6-18-2015

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This video is about a putting clinic put on by Ricky Wysocki. 6-18-2015


L H says:

Spit it out ricky

Magnus Kronhamn says:

Twelve minutes of rambling and nothing about how he actually throws the dang thing!

gameguy12321 says:

What type of putter does he use?

Libertarians On Fire says:

Dude wearing the orange tank top with a pocket . . . fashion gold!

James Geffe says:

Thanks for the tips Ricky!!!I've been riding the bottom of advanced decision in Alaska. I'm now focused on being the best putter in Alaska. Practice and finding that "muscle memory" is key. You're commitment has been an inspiration to me! I'll update you on how your success has inspired and changed myself as a putter.

Ryan B says:

hold it like u do a fork ??? how the hell do you hold a fork rickie ???

Jacob Harrington says:

Just use your "muscle memory" you don't have yet to putt is basically Wat he's saying

Marshall Ardoin says:

Gotta start getting these guys lapel mics. That big bus just drowned out an answer to a question I was wondering myself.

Travis Roberts says:

Steve where was this filmed? Looks very familiar

Julian Irwin says:

It's too bad this was filmed next to a 747 landing strip

Brett Ferguson says:

Thanks Ricky for making the point about not focusing so much on a chain link but rather focus on the muscle memory and feel of how much it takes to get it to the basket, I went and practiced in the backyard today and that helped me tremendously

Dcreswell says:

Drinking game: drink every time he says "muscle memory"

zeromiles2empty says:

@4:41 there is a serious Starbucks chug!

Zumwar says:

Hold the dang thing tight. That's the best advice I needed. Thanks Ricky, and thanks for the vid.

Zumwar says:

Those cars are really loud. What're they, powered by rocket engines or something? My gosh.

Ov Behemoth says:

The clip at the end isn't very slow like he was talking about. It seems the same speed when he pulls the disc back and then putts it forward. I guess that's why he missed two

Doo J says:

Thanks Ricky!

Dave Kaminski says:

I love the fluffy comment with grip, hahaha

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