Understanding Golf – Pitch Shot Fundamentals

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Visit us at http://www.aviaragolfacademy.com – Aviara Golf Academy in Sunny Carlsbad, CA welcomes you to view these informative videos hosted by Kip Puterbaugh.


The Golf Shop Online says:

Instructional video – the pitch shot. – http://ow.ly/mQIBR

believer973 says:

Why zoom in on the ball? It’s the swing mechanics that anyone watching this
needs to see. :/

M Yu says:

Thank you..

KenRod Halliday says:

I watched this clip before I played golf yesterday and had a great round. I
am a 28 handicapper and regularly shoot around 102 – 110 per round. I
employed the simple techniques and shot an impressive 86… I hit more
greens, used my pitch mark repairer more than usual and beat my two 13
handicapper friends. I’m looking forward to the next round to see if I can
continue using the technique and back up my great round.

gl9009 says:

Great tip

Navjeevan Jit Singh says:

Nic one…..thx………

art b says:

I observe Kip’s stance is slightly open to the left? even in iron shots

maddogmoloney72 says:

cool tip

Dreama40 says:

This was filmed using a 1 pixel camera

Matt Hoffman says:

@suzmaduz no it will just up more like with a flop u open to about 80* and
it looks like ur aiming the other way

TarStarFilmz says:

This is a good one!

brad stecklein says:

“body participation”–love it! tis truly what pitch shots are all about.
As fellow golf professional, i say bravo! Hope to see more from this cat in
the future.

Curtis Walton says:

great tip! set wrists, pause then just turn your hips …works like a
charm. will drop the club right on the ball and pop it up. set/pause /hip


I think when he opens up the face of the club he turns his stance to the
left to accommodate for any slice.

TheNYgolfer says:

Not only is this a sound technique for the short game but it works great
for the long game also (just set the club and make a full shoulder turn,
then unwind the body from the feet UP). Best example for this technique IMO
currently is Steve Stricker and from the past is The Merry Mex Lee
Trevino.BTW I’d rather see great tips like this filmed with a low pixel
Camera than HD garbage that is so abundant on Youtube

Rick Martin says:

best pitch shot instruction – and I’ve reviewed a ton of them – thanks

SDCmorg says:

Kip’s got the loveliest swing (I remember I used to get mesmerized watching
you hit balls at Pala Mesa Resort back in the 90’s). :o) I wish the camera
wouldn’t keep looking at the ball during all the demo shots, though.

AestheticV9 says:

This video was filmed with a wooden golf club..

justjames1111 says:

Hi Kyp, Great videos. When you are pitching would you agree that although
small, there is still a little weight shift as a result of the body turn?
Regards James

MikePedersenGolfTips says:

This is a great tip! Turning through with the body on this, is IMO how the
full swing should be. No independent arms.

jj shaka says:

A great tip- you really have to do this on downhill or crummy lies with a
wedge, or its skull / flub city.

Tony Couch says:

sound advice…

Suz Maduz says:

but if you open the club face wont the ball slice?

Dreama40 says:

hmmm i’ve been scrolling around trying to find the holy grail of how to
come up with a system for most pitches around the green and i think i’ve
just found it!! exellent lesson there , finally a technique that can be
used for 99% of situations………thanks

gmonkey808 says:

Hi. Great advice. My shots in general seem to always go right of target.
Even small pitch shots like this one. My grip seems ok but i think its an
impact problem. Doesnt seem to slice just straight right. Have you come
across this in any of your students? Any of your videos help this????
Please help me !!!!!

Jarabacoa1100 says:

muy bien.

1cleandude says:

I can see why Kip’s always in the top 100 instructors, his work is very
sound and based on repeating fundamentals. Thanks for the hard work and
please turn up the volume. Cheers!!!

Avesman26 says:

great tip thanks

redfordroadie says:

Nice and simple. Great work.

Dreama40 says:

It should be set,hold and turn, pretty reliable technique. The keys things
are holding the wrist set and turning your body through without flipping
your hands over and if your weight is not posted on your left side your
going to have alot of trouble holding the wrist set, you will flip the
hands over and either hit it thin or fat. So make sure you weight stays
left at ALL times on these short shots, no transfer to the right side,
zero, none, nada………….happy pitching 🙂

Lugzeh says:

ball will come off loader

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