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gaz needham says:

Can't believe most comments are about brushing teeth OMG

gaz needham says:

Really like this one mark , when my son asked me to teach him to play the first thing I asked for was commitment, I explained that he'd have to practice almost everyday to see improvement, without commitment to practice it's difficult for your muscles to remember what it's doing , I reluctantly came back to golf to teach him & you know what I believe I've improved my understanding of the game too! We video each other & Analise each others swings & I actually thought I wouldn't improve as I played for 16 year's, over the summer my swing has changed from short & fast / stabby to a slower wider fuller swing that gives me straighter & longer drives, & my enjoyment has been reignited lol
Only issue is when my some gets back from his a.c.l surgery & is fit to resume I believe he's going to teach me a few things 😬 I saw things before his operation that give me the impression he's set his sights on beating his old man haha.

Freddie Welthagen says:

Obviously no water issues where you guys are from. You should come to Africa…

benellidown says:

I found this online recently http://golfchannelacademy.com/why-you-need-a-coach/ and thought at the time it made sense to me. Any thoughts? Here are a few excerpts to save you time….
“Golf is a motor skill not an academic skill. Playing better golf involves more than just knowing what the problem is and how to fix it. It requires continuous training and feedback over time—supervised practice, both on the course and off. And it requires making good decisions on the course that have little to do with how big a shoulder turn you’re making or whether you’re shifting your weight properly.
How many of you have actually taken an on-course playing lesson? Better yet, of those of you who have taken lessons, how many times has your teacher actually seen you play? Chances are they’ve never seen you play, which is absurd considering how most motor skills are learned. They think that golf is something they can learn on their own, or they take a lesson or two and then become convinced that they can do the rest. That’s not how motor skills are learned.
A quality golf coach is also going to teach you some things you’d never learn in a lesson, like when to hit your 3-wood versus driver off the tee, how to handle an in-between yardage, or how to overcome your fear of hitting off a tight lie. They go beyond the typical full-swing technical instruction you receive in a one-hour lesson and teach you those things that can improve your scores in a shorter amount of time, such as better course management and proper club selection.” Rick Jensen, Ph.D.,

tOMBOMB says:

Lessons with Crossfield work! Ive come down from 12 to 9 in a few months. Cheers brah!

DerBremser001 says:

cool you played golf Chaparral, great course, i play this course every year!

J Mo says:

At around £100 per hour maybe floating lessons is all most people can afford.

ChiGLF4 ARGY says:

For us in the US/Midwest where it’s too cold or too expensive to practice (indoors) in the winter, does it make sense to take a series of lessons when there’s less chance to practice what was learned in the lesson?

David James says:

If you fail the Lockey post lesson test, do you get a “test thats not a test”?

Anthony Sheraton says:

Whenever I've happened to talk about lessons I regularly hear 'I played worse afterwards so I went back to my old swing'. So many people expect a lesson to cure their problems, as if they were taking a paracetamol to get rid of a headache. It isn't an instant fix. When they try the 'new swing' they always say it feels unnatural so give up, but never grasp that they have to keep practising it and learn it until it starts to feel natural and replaces their flawed swing.

Eric Hutchinson says:

Took lessons for the first time this year and went from shooting 105-110 to 90-95. Practiced or played at least 5 times a week. Unfortunately I live in a climate where it's winter 5 + months a year.

Don Harrold says:

Totally agree with your comments on student commitment, although instructors have to be realistic about the time that the average working person can devote to practise. I have experienced a wide range of lessons many of which have had conflicting advice. I don't think video analysis and comparison between the average amateur golfer and Tiger Woods or Adam Scott is particularly helpful. Endless positional mumbo jumbo freezes the flow for most people and inhibits their natural ability to put the club face on the ball consistently. For me the focus must be on good grip, posture, setup and importantly drilling to improve ball striking. A long drawn out process of positional golf (Lets work on your take away for the next three weeks…..) doesn't lead to improvement for the vast majority and many give up through boredom and a lack of any tangible progress despite considerable cost and time having been expended.

Christopher Whitehead says:

What? You even brush your teeth with baseball caps on? But only in the morning! Lol. Oh yes, that brings me to my lesson to you Mark. I notice you brushed but didn’t floss. Tut tut. I’m a dentist and you really should floss. You give me so much wisdom and expertise, that I feel duty bound to return the compliment this once. If you do nothing else, start flossing after you brush. It isn’t that hard or time- consuming. Just do it. Or it will eventually come an bite you in the arse. So to speak! Lol.

PS you should get some Underarmour pyjamas!

terry howard says:

Glad you didn't show the shower scene!

Matt Palmer says:

So how to choose the right pro? Especially somebody you mesh with personality wise. Some have all the latest technologies but poor teaching skills, where others may not have the tech, but are better at explaining and passing on knowledge.

Keith Martin says:

Interesting topic Mark. I've had courses of 6 monthly golf cave lessons through the last 3 winters. The swing plane/grip/wrist angle/weight shift ideas I struggled with. I think because my coach wasn't stood behind me when I practised. Where I did benefit however were shot specific lessons. Driver setup, chip and run, high lob shot, putting, hit a fade, hit a draw, high , low etc. Just one of these topics a month lets you go away and practice a very specific shot until you've (nearly) mastered it. Keep up with the good content.

1john510 says:

I think the issue is practising golf 3-4 times a week is very hard for most of us and that's what you need to do to learn a change in your swing

Hamish Travis says:

I have regular monthly lessons/coaching, this allows me to go away practise the tweak or drill, go back and have it fine tuned, the lessons are videoed and available through Trackman academy to ensure I refer back to the point or drill. I agree with the other poster than more than one one two TP thoughts is enough for a 30 min session. What would do fo

Tom Duckworth says:

I have taught guitar and it's just the same. Most people just want to be told what to do and then they don't practice and it's very easy to tell when they come back and didn't practice.

Alan Waterworth says:

you boys sharing rooms / toothpaste ? cosy.. 😉

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