Stop Wasting Your Time And Money On Golf Lessons

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Unless you practice golf in between your golf lessons you are wasting your time and money and won’t improve. However if you practice in between the lessons you are almost certainly guaranteed to improve.

Hello.I’m Brian Fitzgerald. The Golf Doctor.
I want you to stop wasting your time and money getting golf lessons.
That’s a bit of a weird way to start.
So why is a teaching golf professional earning a living from coaching people telling you.You should stop wasting your time and money in getting golf lessons.It sounds a bit strange but it actually makes sense.Hopefully it makes sense.
Most people are wasting their time because they think a golf lesson is going to give them the better score.It’s going to make them take money off their friends.So the typical scenario is.
They come in and they pay money for the lesson. They have the lesson. Then they go straight from the lesson out on the course and they think they are going to be fixed.Not even close.
A golf lesson will give you an insight into thing you need to change to improve your golf swing.Just because you have the lesson, doesn’t mean to say that you have got it and that you’ve made change.You may understand what it is that you need to change. But you won’t have it by the end of the golf lesson.How do we get it?The only way you can get it is to actually repeat. So we need to do repetition.
Whatever the change is to your swing. You have got to learn to repeat it. It takes many, many repetitions to ingrain a new habit.
Unfortunately most people don’t spend time having repartitions. They just repeat the golf lesson.
Because my formula for success is golf lesson plus 3 times practice equals improvement.
What you need to do between the lessons is far more important that the golf lesson itself.
Now I am not saying that the golf lesson isn’t important. It is. Of course it is.
But it is what you do between the lessons that really sets you up for the next lesson.
So you want to get to the point where if you have been told to work on something. You work on it and you keep doing it and you repeat it time after time so that it becomes second nature.
Now you don’t have to hit thousands of golf balls. But I am a big believer in having lots of practice swings.
And probably the one piece of advice i can give to everybody that will definitely improve their golf swing is to take 60 practice swings per day.20 in the morning, 20 at lunch, 20 at night. Do it slowly. Do it in front of the mirror. I’ve said it before and I will continue saying it until I am in the grave. 60 practice swings per day is a great way of embedding a new habit.
So whatever the move is that your coach has been trying to get you to do.
Do it. 3 times a day in lots of 20.
If you can do that practice in between the lesson. You will definitely improve.
So it’s about repetition and the more you repeat it the more you will remember what it takes to do that movement.

So that;s the theme for this. If you just want to fix your golf swing by having a golf lesson. Don’t waste your time and money.
If you want to improve your golf swing by having lessons and then committing to practice between the lessons.
Go and have a lesson it’s really good for you. You will benefit.

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John Dunn says:

YOU moron! get off ytube. Go back and listen to what you say.. you say lessons are important then you say "lesson aren't important" this is a stupid video!! You got to be an Aussie and you guys are goofy!………

Wasatch Golf Academy says:

Golf lessons are the best way for any player to improve. Whether it is one on one or online. A great instructor will guide the player through practice routines and simple thoughts.

mohamad iqbal says:

You're a good man, thanks for the tips!

frmer td says:

Great video, but golf lessons have helped me a lot. I have taken a lot of lessons with 10 different instructors. I found they tell me 20 things, 19 are not helpful, but that one thing is priceless. But you must hit jumbo buckets working on that one thing, muscle memorying it. I totally agree with your thoughts about the 60 practice swings a day!!! great advice!!!
Maybe i will stop hitting so many balls and start doing more practice swings!

Adam Asgard says:

Good one mate. I think a problem is that often golfers leave a lesson with a "feeling". A feeling is difficult to practice. I tend to think that practice needs to be done on video and compared to the swings done under the eye of the coach. No point in practicing the wrong things.

allen burdett says:

you are quite right. it is the repetition of the new technique for a week that helps a student to improve.
suggest that one should start with the grip.

Curt Alford says:

Great advice!

Alain Sinis says:

Great tip. I'm right handed but play golf and cricket with my left hand. And everytime I want a lesson for Golf, the instructors will say "I can't teach you, because you're left handed" why?

Neil Bach says:

One lesson, basically one thing to practise… that helps me stay focussed … thanks Brian

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