Kendra Vallone Presents: Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons:

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Professional golfer, Kendra Vallone runs through the essentials of Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. This video includes “The Grip” …

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Deftard says:

When was this a golf video. I didn’t see no golf video!

ahbalone says:

She’s going to beat you with that swing.

ubb4me says:

Va va vallone

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Funny how those boy leg shorts are up to her croch. And the majority of
people on came on here to see those breasts in the thumbnail!! Yeah I think
very much so!!!

Hugh Johnson says:

nice swing and nice butt, but it’s time to have babies and i’m here to
help. call. 867-5309

Guy Yocom says:

Doesn’t quite possess Hogans fierce unturning of the hips on the downswing,
and her right arm strays just a bit from how he did it near the top. She’s
also more across the line than laid-off Hogan was , but overall, great! A
joy too watch! Her rhythm, balance, and aggressiveness are right out of the
manual. Her swing is really distinctively her own more than it is Hogan’s.
What’s very clear is, she OWNS her swing. This young lady can play!

eddie brown says:

Seriously, does anyone actually think about golf, while watching this…..

MrAdamson07 says:

clicked for tits

privategun says:

2:06 i want thatttttt lol

Hank Stone says:

Gee, you think guys watch this to learn? Hell no, it’s her tees. 

Shane O'Meara says:

I like the way she added the back end view instead of just the usual down
the line and front on view. It was essential in this video… to see her
hips clearing! The waggle was the best part of the video… 

rocket4046 says:


Richard Montfort says:

Great drop into the slot Kendra awesome.

Lt. Weinberg says:

You explain the grip like a fucking amateur and the v isn’t supposed to go
to your chin – stick to looking almost hot and wishing you were an LPGA

pd9971 says:

Hi Kendra want to make some babies?

Saul Meyers says:

can you make another vid but this time in a bikini ?

King Jaffe Joffer says:

Been using Hogan’s fundamentals since age 3?

Ron Owens says:

Too bad majority of comments are regarding your body instead of golf
instruction. Maybe a longer skort would help.

Gene Cardenaz says:

Wow! Hogan would be proud! I learned off this book myself, and got pretty
decent, but this beautiful student of Mr.Hogan, has a “Swing of Dreams”
She makes this game look so simple, Good for her!

Taylor Ward says:

she is way to hot for golf 

ajh21313 says:

Glaze her like a donut…

domaniccat says:

Our swings are a lot alike. Ben Would be proud!

Jabes says:

Great Swing. Text book (Hogans) Grip. Your legs seem quite passive though,
so Hip movement is very sudden – please explain this part thanks. Also I
always thought the waggle was to help keep the hands ahead of the club, a
small supination (as Hogan says in his book) waggle of the wrists and push
forward (Can see hogan do this on all his waggles). I will check out your
other vids. Thanks!!

John Olson says:

Damn she freaking HOT!

SnaggedProductions says:

Never saw her at Moore Park,,, Prob would have gone more…

Norm Webster says:

What is the name of the song?

airgunhead says:

she can get the dick

Michael Wang says:

Basic Golf Lessons, it’s good

Tim Davis says:

Best golf swing tips from Ben Hogan and this lovely lady.

Steve Gruenwald says:

I’m diggin the music. Who is this band?

Mahavishnu80 says:

body like baywatch, face like crimewatch.

Rory Marcello says:

kendra, you have world class swing better than most LPGA’s, if you move
your hip more lateral in the end of transition before down swing to prevent
spinning out it will be better, ref to Mr. Thomson,s swing. I think He is
the same league as Hogan swing.

AdventuresOfCamo says:

I could watch her hit golf balls all day.

Blead Productions says:

1:04 Come one I can’t be the only one thinking this

Durbin Rosario says:

helpful…actually listened…help me with simple fundamentals .

Peter Kelly says:

She says she follows Hogan’s principles, but her legs remain largely static
on the backswing, leaving her shoulders to start the downswing which is
completely contrary to Hogan. Of course, she couldn’t possibly have the
strength of Hogan, so it would be unreasonable to expect a carbon copy.
Decent swing, though! Also, it is generally accepted that the ‘V’ formed in
your grip should point just to the right of your chin (for right-handers),
not straight at it.

James Lovibond says:

What makes this even more sexy is i’ve hit from their before :O

madkent99 says:

I’ll let her play with my wood

buckleb22 says:

In love with the swing and the teacher

Mars says:

Doggy Style #24.

Sebolonius says:

mulligan please!!

Brandon Carroll says:

00:57 Mind the gap…

Will Stone says:

I clicked cuz she’s hot, period haha

Joe Victor says:


liontri7 says:

Nice effortless swing. Matter fact, if the majority of men would watch the
LPGA and try to emulate those swings and tempo, most will play very well.

ayJaoMa says:

no no that would hurt too much! just let her grip your shaft instead..

steerpike50 says:

doesnt look much like a hogan swing more like a modern pga swing

Rory McLroy says:

Shes hoootttt

Rusiputki says:

Watch this without sound!

jorbjorb1 says:

she’s really good at golf.

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