Hitting With The Hands The Henry Cotton Golf Lesson

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Henry Cotton’s This Is The Secret (1986) DECODED at
www. originalgolffundamentalsdunns5lessons.com


curedmygolfslice says:

Learn to use the wrists properly by applying Fundamental 9 – Delay Right Forearm And Wrist Hit – and Fundamental 12 – Transmit Power To The Ball, of the Golf Fundamentals by Seymour Dunn and you will be fine, and stunned at the distance you gt from your shots (hitting with the hands, not the body).

donald stirling says:

Worst thing I ever did .. developed Tennis arm / elbow and practically wrecked my Tournament Professinal Career…a no no

stackleft says:

this shit ain't gettin' nobody better at golf. #useless

Hickory Trickory says:

In an interview in 1956 Henry Cotton admitted that in the summer of 1952 whilst high on whacky backy he came up with this mental idea of tyre whacking. Surprised by everyone around him saying that it was the best ever tip,he calmly went along with it. So everyone, it is thanks to good ol Henry and his joint that everyone trying this tip has pained wrist,elbow and shoulder joints.

Andy Blackwood says:

since trying this technique i haven't played golf for weeks, on medication for damaged wrists docker says i may never play golf again

billyburroo says:

just goes to show you can be a great player and no nothing about how you are a great player hope no one got RSI

william colvin says:

Is this really a golf lesson?? Looks like a"Monty Python" sketch without John Cleese? perhaps he is away looking for a good branch from one of those trees 🙂

JR says:

Well, what he is teaching with the tire isn't what he does in the old black and white clip of his swing. The tire exercise is a levering action while his actual motion is a swinging motion. Maybe he has the tire thing for increasing hand strength but not as a method of striking a golf ball. After all, strong hands have to be a plus. I don't think I ever saw a championship golfer without them. The stronger your hands the lighter you can hold the club. That transposes into speed which isn't the same as force. Anyway, no matter what, the guy won The Open three times so whatever he says I will have a listen.

Kema Genda says:

hands and wrists, just watch Indee Park. All part of the biomechanics.

Matt Bencriscutto says:

This was a GREAT instructional video.

thwp2 says:

At 2:00 Parker really buys into it!

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