Will Schusterick Driving Clinic By Infinite Discs

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The 2014 USDGC Champion, Will Schusterick from Team Prodigy, teaches how to maximize your distance and perfect your throwing technique during a free clinic presented by Infinite Discs.

Be sure to check out more of Infinite Discs Pro Clinics and disc reviews at http://www.infinitediscs.com

Filmed and edited by Cassidy Houdeshel


Andrew Zonyk says:

Thank u I'm sure this well help me stay under par!

Matt White says:

Will is an amazing player which is rare but the fact that he is a great teacher and communicator is even more rare. Thanks for this.

seymourglass26 says:

I'm a novice, but this video immediately added 50-75 feet to my drives and made them more accurate. Simple, clear, and effective.

TheGhettoLobster says:

W hat happened to the back of wills neck?

Nick Shoemaker says:

Every time I watch this I want to punch that dude in the blue polo who keeps asking questions.

Jackie Hollenbach says:

How do you flick a frisbee golf disc

Jaanus says:

I do not understand the part from 11:4012:05 , what is the difference he is trying to make exactly?

Patrick Monnier says:


Andrew Goss says:

Hopefully this can fix my driving. Used to be able to throw high 3's and the occasional 4. Now I'm lucky to get 320. But luckily my Mid-range and Putting are much better now. :)

Blake Nass says:

Best pro that does clinics right here. Will is the best instructor!

Jim Plattes says:

There is a ton of good information here

risshan leak says:

great video! a lot of useful information

Jason Gauden says:

Does that make sense? New drinking game drink a shot every time will says that

Jacob Brown says:

Love the way +Will Schusterick teaches and breaks down driving technique.

damyoulookinfly says:

Out of the 3-4 instructional videos I've watched, this was by far the most clear and easy to understand. Also set at a good pace, others were too fast. Thanks!

Alec Olberding says:

Does that make sense?

Sy Emerson says:

He's a great instructor..

Jacob Brown says:

Will and Dave are two of the best instructors when it comes to these clinics.

Matt Nemmers says:

That makes sense.

DiscDuck says:

Love this clinic!

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