Golf Driving Tips – Hit Your Drives 350+ Yards!

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Close More golf driving tips today! Watch Nyle Pruitt as he gives you golf driving tips that will help you hit your drives far…


munnjean says:

Oh yes of course ,,, ” check out all my videos and I’ll show you how to hit
350 yard drives ” ,,, what a crock of horse manure !
Nobody and I do mean nobody will ever have the average golfer hitting
drives 350 yards or anywhere near that and that my friends is nothing but a
pure and simple fact.
Two particular fields where ” experts ” will ” share their secrets ” is
golf instruction and weight loss and of course these experts will share
their secrets with you ,,,providing you send your money in !
Golf instruction is full of snake oil salesmen ,, sad but true, no question
there are some dedicated teachers out there but the ” teaching profession ”
has become inundated with hustlers.

ssjadam says:

@foxracing2809 I call bs totally lol. 13 years old. only thing your good at
is lieing

twotone17 says:

@golftipvideos Okay, thank you 🙂

Andrew Rusher says:

If you pull your wrists back closer to your back when you come back on your
swing you’ll gain way more power..they are only bringing it back a
little..they don’t realize you can put full body into it..I NEVER play golf
I just took lessons when I was little and was driving 350+ in middle
school. I can hit over 500 yards now. I use a combination of my batting
swing with a golf swing to get the distance..but i tend to slice about a
1/5th the time

golftipvideos says:

@brown55061 Thanks for the comment. I don’t agree with your theory that
“plenty of people who drive 350 feet and aren’t even in the top 100”. I
don’t know how you quantify “plenty”. This is a video of someone who IS a
long ball champion. He makes his living driving the ball farther than most.
My point is, he speaks on the subject that he is an expert in. If his
technique doesn’t work for you, that’s cool. But I think you’re WAY off
base & CRAZY to suggest it won’t work for 90%

Curtis Walton says:

Now the only problem i have and other of us older golfers may have is that
the so-called x factor move allows the hips to really fire and pull the
hands into the slot but start with only a few of these until you get used
to it or you probably will have a sore lower back. not saying don’t do it
but it is something your muscles have to adapt to as it is a tremendously
powerful thrust

cdizzle2210 says:

Thankyou for the advice, does shaft flex have a serious impact on distance
as well as accuracy?

golftipvideos says:

@ichigorox90 Yes, you do get power from your shoulders and rotation, but
it’s really about all of your swing mechanics. Everything is important, and
must work together.

ichigorox90 says:

Isn’t most of your power for you swing from your shoulders and rotation?

athleticgolftraining says:

@ichigorox90 More power comes from the hips 1 mph increase of hip speed =
25 mph clubhead speed increase. This is due to leverage points and length
of angles bio-mechanically.

jason merschdorf says:

Hey this is alot of questions, But i need them answered please! Ive golfed
for 7 years and i quit/ Got out of it and now i cant hit a golf ball
straight to save my life Why is that?, I was Thinking about geting some
ping golf clubs woould that help my game? or what clubs do u sugest? im 14
and as big as im going to get,so please help!

FarCanaI says:

thank you so much for the advice….. after watching your video i went to
my local driving range.. my drives got progressively longer with the last
one disappearing in the horizon… my friends who was with me estimated
that I hit that one 1,387 yards

twotone17 says:

I seem to hit my 5wood further then i do my driver and it really annoys
me.. I go to the range very often but find that my wilson 5wood out powers
my Dunlop 65i x 1 wood.. Why is this? Are their pros and cons about the
different shaft materials? My wilson 5wood has a steel shaft and my Dunlop
1wood has a flex shaft.. Would you recommend me purchasing a steel shaft
1wood or are flex shafts best for drivers? Please help me out!!

JAYLOBB8 says:

very sassy comment

th3vikes says:

I am having trouble with my second shot. I am not striking the ball as well
as I want too. I am either topping the ball or hitting to soon in front of
the ball and not creating a good divot for control or to much of a divot.
How can I fix this and have a better second shot?

zachpeace says:

@foxracing2809 I can hit the ball 300 with the right conditions and I’m 15,
and I know 8th graders who could hit the ball just as far as me, so I
wouldn’t say you’re lying. Hitting your drive 300 yards really isn’t hard
to do, I’m 6’1″ 130 pounds and I can outdrive kids older and stronger than
me. ITS ALL TECHNIQUE! Lean right, arms straight out front, high tee,
straight legs, belt buckle through on the downswing, you can hit it 300
fairly often… (a good driver never hurts either)

MikeBarr718 says:

@th3vikes make sure u keep ur knees bent throughout ur swing, if u extend
them your gonna pull up and top the ball, and try not to move your hole
upper body side to side, thats gonna make ya fuck up, you wanna drive
throught the ball with ur legs and hips, not ur upperbody

Golf Buddy says:

So far I’ve hit a golf ball into about 350 yards, luckily nothing broke

Tatiana Mametx says:

check : (Best Driver Video) Drive the ball without slicing . Tried it on
student and helped a lot ! second thing will be the release

th3vikes says:

do you have any left handed videos. i am a lefty and sometimes its hard to
watch right handed videos. thanks. good tips by the way!

vaseline says:

on the final swing that you barely show his hips move fully with his
shoulders. sends a mixed message a little

Permanomics says:

no, you both are making good observation, so neither of you should attack
the others character

Andrew Rusher says:

every time i see a golfer they don’t put full body/wrist into their swings
for distance. you got to do a hard fast snapping motion and bring it ALL
THE WAY BACK not just partial..almost like swinging a bat but instead
combine it with the golf swing motion and bring it down *like how they tell
a baseball player they look like they are golfing when swinging..well be a
baseball player with your golf club and put your whole body into it*

John Capper says:

Great video it really helped me hit it farther and a straighter

whinis says:

@ztejas13 i feel the same im also 15 and have a consistent 300-310 yard
drive and i still need to work on form i nearly no movement in my lower


Sir, I know you hit the ball a ton but golfers need to know that they
should feel tensions in the left side rib cage and shoulder, for a right
hander. Otherwise good vid.

Breon n says:

i can hit it 200 yards nd im 13 ha now i can hit it about 130 140 xD

As3sinoL0C0 says:

@chakenfangersaregood So your swing speed is equal to that of Tiger Woods?
Hmm. Doubtful.

cokeglas says:

Actually I think making a golf instructional video that can get the point
across is maybe harder than putting it into practice.

golftipvideos says:

@theevansmaster I only wish I could have hit the ball 280 yards when I was
14. I think you are right on track, actually ahead of schedule for your
ability to drive the ball. Keep up the good work! And keep pracicing!!

andy hay says:

i hit them like im playing baseball,can clear 250yards 90 percent of the
time,im 5ft 7 and 10 stone,my mate is 14 stone and 6ft 2 and struggles to
get 200 yards.its all about kinetic energy

golftipvideos says:

@cdizzle2210 The easy answer is “yes”, everything impacts distance and
accuracy, from the club to the mechanics of the swing. Not knowing your
skill level (although I suspect you’re an above average player), my
suggestion would be to concentrate on your mechanics. More than anything
this will have the greatest impact on your distance and accuracy. It’s no
accident that Tiger practices more than any other player. He understands
the importance of perfecting his mechanics.

hwatsky says:

Great vid. Just to be clear, the main point you’re trying to get across is
to maximize shoulder turn while keeping your hip turn minimal? Not minimal,
but like not over-turning your hips in order to feel a lot of tension
between the upper and lower body?

golftipvideos says:

We’re adding more in the coming days/weeks, so stay tuned! And thanks for
the feedbak. We really appreciate that!

trueathlete15 says:

@foxracing2809 cool story bro.

stuart priestley says:

Also for what its worth evryone talks about big muscles doing the work..
thats a good thought for pros who learned hand action at a young age..well
let me tell you those hands have to move pretty damn fast from hip high
cocked to uncocked at the ball if you want clubhead speed

Curtis Walton says:

i am 56 short with a belly. my doctor tells me i am not a very flexible
man. i am athletic however. i drive the ball around 200 to 230 if i get it
good. well i tried 2 of the tips this guy showed in this video and
regularly hit over 260 and on 2 drives went a little over 300. the things i
changed was the hip tip creating what he calls the X factor and keeping the
elbow in but not tucked. Great tips…thanks

dk9971 says:

I’m 5ft 100 pounds and I drive the ball 550 Yds or more my friend bob is
7ft and cand hit it ten yards.

whinis says:

i have a 300-310 drive and i have nearly no hip rotation

msatrakkoic1 says:

Just a question: shouldnt your head be straight throughout the shot? Im not
trying to critisize, im just wondering because im starting to play golf,
and ive been taught that your head should be straight lokoing at the ball.
In your video, your head moves with your backswing?

TBlegendaryassassins says:

im the same with him v i hit the ball strait then it goes to the right
hard!and i have not played in along time but im doing the myrtle beach
junior golf team and im 11 years old its does make me hit farther but not
350+ so that shold i do?thanks!

dbossmx says:

Yes and his left knee comes wildly inward. Instead of what was instructed
in the video.

golftipvideos says:

@JakeeOOisOObored Works well for him. Might not be good for you, then again
maybe it wold be. Better to try and see, then to not try and just speculate.

golftipvideos says:

Appreciate the comment! I have some more new videos coming very soon.

golftipvideos says:

@Mzeelisto1 Thanks for the kind words. Always great to hear positive
feedback. Makes it all worthwhile!

john smith says:

what is that cunt in the black hat blabbering about?? talk English 4 fuck

watson442 says:

are they seriously saying they can get all amateurs to hit the ball 350
plus? seriously…

beaney56 says:

That guys swing at the end was garbage he sways has flat shoulders at the
top and overswings! Yes he may and I say may get over 300 yards but in what
DIRECTION because with the combination of sway flat shoulders and overswing

XxThaFreaKxX says:

@twotone17 probly the launch angle :S

JeffPassageCPA says:

If you can get me to drive the ball 350 yards, I’ll pay you handsomely.
Currently, my max is 180.

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