Golf driver tips: How to find the sweet spot on your driver

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PGA Professional Ted Fort, Instructor at Marietta Golf Center in Marietta, GA, tells you how to hit the sweet spot on the driver.


Balkan Love says:

WOW!!!. THIS helped me so much!!!! after months trying to figure out why I was not striking so well, I realize that when I what I was doing wrong because of this.!! thank you!

Piyush Nigam says:

Very nicely put – to the point and crisp!

Eoghan O Neill says:

one huge benefit of not hovering the club is if you let the club rest naturally on the ground it will stop you from altering the club face, some high handicappers aim the club face to the left at address or have their hands leaning way forward at address(especially slicers) but letting the club rest naturally encourages a proper setup with the club face aim and club face loft. any golfer who has bad hands at address will struggle to let the club face rest at address. this is just from my own experience

Bill Bakopoulos says:

Wow, great video. I think this definitely solves my problem. I kept hitting off of the heel and couldn't figure out why. Messing with my swing was making it worse, but it's always something so deceivingly simple in golf. 

Luke AC says:

That makes sense Thnaks for the tip!

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