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In todays Impact Show we discuss the basics to hitting the driver straighter and longer, the basics are so important to get correct when starting the game but are often overlooked by experienced golfers. So whether you are just starting the game or feel that you need to go back to basics this video is worth a watch.

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desertfox1792 says:

Graphite or steel for driver shafts? X_X

Kabir BANERJEE says:

I have been playing for 7 months

Kabir BANERJEE says:

What set would you recommend for me I am 8 I will get a new one

Kabir BANERJEE says:

Good information guys😎

Sonicfan 205 says:

Thanks i'm just a Jr. golfer

Icee says:

I have the problem to where when i drive (I am let handed) my ball always slices off to the left and arcs big time, although my irons are always a straight shot even tho i know that they aren't the same in a sense. I am going to try these tips out once I get a chance to go out to the driving range and crank a bucket of balls! 🙂

H says:

Awesome videos y'all.

Cody Hall says:

Meandmygolf if I were to send you video clips of my swing could you critique it and give me some tips?

Dan Lee says:

How many outfits do you guys have?

Larson Fam says:

Do you guys or can you guys do a video of golf terms explained? A glossary, draw, for instance, is one term I keep hearing but haven't yet seen the explanation of. I've just started golfing, haven't even a full set of clubs yet, but I'm doing some searching of tips and drills beforehand of taking to the course. I played a handful of times with my father and another handful of times to the driving range and never had bad luck as far as an untrained beginner goes, came pretty naturally, but it's been a good while and I've started working at a golf club doing grounds maintenance, mowing etc, and have the exquisite oppurtunity of unlimited free golfing privileges and got a set of irons, nice Taylor mades, from the boss. So it is an exciting time for me, always loved to golf when I had and the job is one you would hope to have. Your videos are amazing, very concise and have a hands on feel that really make it easy to absorb the techniques and information, they are much appreciated! Now to pick up a putter and some woods/driver and go take a swing at it! 🙂 Wish me luck! I'm in no rush, but being an employee I can only hope to embarrass myself as little as possible, lol, but all in good fun and I do have a keen ability to learn and enough confidence to apply it, so I'm sure I'll do ok in short order. Thanks again!

SaintsCheat says:

Potaytoes , Pohtatos. Some say to bring it back and down swing should be more from the inside and not on the same plane as the backswing. These guys say to keep back and down swing on same plane. Whatever works. each to their own.

glitteringsea says:

Tried the tips in this video and saw a instant improvement in the dispersion of my drives. The drill on brushing the ground was especially useful. Thanks!

Gabriel P Torrealba says:

very helpful – thanks lads.

Aaron Aguilar says:

i like all the effects, even sound.

Ryan Costello says:

Guys, great vid. I have a basic question:

I tend to dive after the ball when I want power (my weight gets onto my toes, my hips slide, I early extend, and my upper body needs to back up to ensure I actually strike the ball). Besides the fact that this can't be good for my lower back, it causes weaker strikes and inconsistency. How do I break this habit?

Chris Core says:

I just started golfing about a week ago and it's nice to see videos that are instructing but I would like to see a couple more demonstration so I can do it properly.

Skip Evans says:

I love the instruction….but demonstrate not talk us to death.

paul chuter says:

great concept

Chet LovesMer says:

You guys are really the best. No offense to guys like Peter Finch and Rick Shields.

Eduardo dominguez says:

is correct to have the same shoulder position when hitting the ball with the iron ?

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