(Best Driver Video) Drive the Ball without Slicing

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This driver set-up video is now one of the most watched and commented on on You-Tube…Thank you so much for the support! This video represents only 6 minute…


Rob Bernard says:

So THAT’s why I keep slicing my driver… I haven’t been wearing a shirt
with a button.

MDGolfaddict says:

I am always sceptical when I see new methods on here. However I have been
struggling with my Driving. I tried it this morning at practice and I have
to say it is amazing, the results you get are superb. Many thanks

calaiazza says:

Brilliant vid and advice have been using this simple but highly effective
method for a couple of weeks now and all I can say is
THANKYOU…………all you tutorials are great !!!!!!

Peter Gar says:

i took the advice today for the first time and implied it to my set up and
WOW! It really made a difference. I also stood further away and
straightened my arms a bit I literally shot 300+ yards where i was
averaging 225 yards! Thanks for the great video my friend!

Jim Rico says:

I tried today, it works

Jonson Mwangi says:

Thanx Rob. Tried it and it worked. Felt a little strange at the beginning
not focusing on the ball but the decoy, but amazingly my tee shot now go
straight altho once in a while i do forget and get the slice 🙂 

Anon says:

Wow. I watched this video around noon today. Went right to the range, and
hit a small bucket. Didn’t even warm up with the wedge. Went right to
driver. I crushed every one like a frozen rope save two balls. I was even
putting a draw on the ball, and my natural shot is a fade! Amazing.

Robin Henry says:

Thanks Rob. The first few shots (first of the day) went astray, but after a
couple of holes, my shots were straighter and travelled farther. I’m
practising several times per week and will master it … or else!

Jeremy Olsen says:

Amazing tips. My slice would always add a lot of shots too my round. With
this advice i have improved my drive drastically

EWN Sales says:

Outstanding Tip! Had a constant push slice – watched this the night before
a pro-am, tried just the address part on the range before the round during
warm up, took it to the course and my drives were outstanding, best in
years. I am a believer. Subscribed!

Hank Smith Jr says:

Rob, thanks for the lesson. I can’t wait to try this out. I firmly believe
that the tee shot on a long par 4 or 5 is the most important shot and I
hope this cures my slices. After recovering from brain surgery I quit using
my driver and turned to my #3 fairway wood. I believe it was because I had
forgotten the basic driving fundamentals. It will be nice to put the driver
back in the bag and start getting the extra distance off the tee again.

“Luck is when skill and opportunity both meet”

Samuel Bishop says:

Subscribed 🙂 what a great video and very easy to follow and understand.
Looking forward to trying this soon. Ive changed the way I drive so many
times but have a strong feeling by what I do and what ive tried that this
video will help. Been hitting off a 17 for too long. Thanks for the videos,
your a star :-)

Dave T says:

Hi Rob, I’ve been using your method for about a month on the range and on
the course playing about four to five rounds. I had always fought having my
shoulders open at address with the driver and couldn’t seem to get them
correctly aligned until using your method. I also had all the
inconsistent results you mention. I also have a bad left knee which
opening up the left foot has greatly helped. I played 27 holes yesterday
and hit every fairway off the tee with the exception of one which I pulled
drew the ball. I find I’m not hitting it quite as high but I’m working on
that by tilting the shoulders more. However I’m getting more distance
toward the target because the ball flight is so much straighter and even
getting an occasional draw. Thank you so much!!!

neil p says:

I have to confess Rob after watching your video my game dramatically
changed. All I can say is thank you for your help 🙂 much appreciated form
down under Australia

Paul Young says:

Thank you so much! Done this tonight on the range and wow. Never used a
decoy tee as I would become dependent on it on the course. Many thanks! 

Edwin Core says:

I have played golf for over 30 years. I have been down in the low 70’s but
I have struggled with ball position with the driver through a round. This
setup and the 5 to 7 drill on chipping are 2 of the best and easiest tips I
have ever seen to remember and execute.

Indra Primastono says:

I used your method yesterday on the range. My drives were straight and
slight draw sometimes. Thank you Rob.

Martin Graaman says:

Great! It works for me! Thanks!

tony gross says:

Can’t wait to try this out tonight at the driving range

Michael Simcock says:

Just Brilliant, My driving was very inconsistent! First drive after watch
this video was 240 yards long and straight! Thank you very much for the
tip! Best one yet!

dan jones says:

gud leesson m8…u can give me sum help

Deepak Biswas says:

Hi Rob
That was a great video and i tried the little cues you you provided like
center of gravity and body motion and i am sending you a slow motion of my
drive taken by an amateur camera which my wife was holding ..could you tell
me what i am doing right and of course what i am doing wrong …after i
worked on your tips i have been able to keep my drive straight ..

golf drive adjustment 22012014

Paul Esche says:

This REALLY is the best. Thank-You!

ray blackburn says:

One of the best driver tips ever really works!

Skip Fritze says:

This is a great video. Can’t wait to try at the range this week. Good job,
Skip from Norman,OK. 70yrs.

Alexander Tøgersen says:

Thanks mr Bernard for this awesome video. I have been using this setup
since the summer, but I have one question… With my irons, when I shift my
weight forward to compress the ball, I hit down on the ball. But with the
driver, when I try to shift my weight forward for distance/power, I
sometimes pop the ball straight up in the air, like you explained when
shifting the COG towards the ball. Am I suppose to shift my weight
differently so that I don’t get the pop up shot but still managing my
maximum distance? 

cbrman1 says:

Thanks a million Rob! This method has proved to be best I have tried. My
drives are now so consistently straight and long, I have found new
confidence in my game. Thanks again.

Bobby Bridges says:

thank you Rob the difference was immediate…after a ten year absence form
golf I started back again last summer up until today I would have to aim
way left and sometimes I might end up in the fairway today I hit 11
fairways it was awesome thanks again…

matthieu george Bagley says:

Hey Rob, Can’t express the gratitude for this video. Tried the tee trick
and right away, from first drive, my slice was fixed. This trick worked
every time from the first swing…Every ball went straight, 250y!! it was
just simply amazing!!! Thanks so much!

Richard Howarth says:

Rob, thanks!! Just watched this, not had time to practice it yet but I have
definitely been doing the “moving the clubhead up to the ball” things
you’re talking about.
Sometimes I fade the ball, and occassionally I have a really bad pull hook,
coujple of times the ball goes 45 deg left and hits the ground a few inches
from the tee!!!
I really think this lesson will help me, thanks mate!!!

Kyle Wheelock says:

Best video I have watched. I used your method and I am very confident with
my driver now. My drives were as straight as an arrow. Thank you very much!

Nick Bradwell says:

This is a definite “try-er” for the range tomorrow!

marlon goss says:

watched this video Friday after having a nightmare with my driver in a
pro-am, don’t have many problems driving normerly but kept topping it. lost
all faith till I watched this. so played doubles match today at my club and
couldn’t believe how it helped my game,i even got draw on 1 drive which I
never do normerly! we won 3 n 2 so cheers mate!

Bobby Mass says:

I’m sure that swing doesn’t hurt either eh haha 

kiwibro1000 says:

wow this works 🙂 thanks Rob !!

Christopher Brondi says:

this actually works!
christopher brondi

Stu Scott says:

Went straight to golf course and 12 drives off the tee, 11 straight as, 1 a
slight hook, my fault ball just slightly too far forward. A brilliant

Center of Gravity Golf says:

Drive the ball without slicing. #golf #golfknowledge

martyng15 says:

What a Video….my driving is by far better than it always has been, thanks
mate well chuffed

Michael OConnell says:

HI bud here is the best tip ive found yet for driivng the ball…Give it a

SatsumaBomb says:

Been using this technique for over a year, Thanks Rob!

Deacon Toby Gaines says:

Watched video since I live on a farm went out grabbed some balls and
everyone straight as an arrow, would like a similar 3 wood technique. TG
Pittsburgh PA.

Rob Bernard says:


Phil McGroin says:

Rob my man, you have improved my driving so much since watching this video.
I was amazed at how straight my drives went using your decoy techique. I
hit 100 balls at the range and about 70 went as straight as an arrow which
is an incredible improvement for me. In answer to your question, I meant
how far I stand from the ball at address? I find myself stretching to the
ball which may be why some of my drives are still slicing. So you recommend
not stretching and keep my arms loose?

Rob Bernard says:

Thanks Chris, no worries. The campaign is over but we are moving it to the
website and I will let you know! Talk soon

Rob Bernard says:

Thanks Flush! The entire system is awesome…glad this helped

Sam Edmondson says:

Rob, After watching your video during lunch yesterday, I went out and
played 9 holes after work. When warming up, I practiced the set up tips you
demonstrated. All but 2 practice drives went straight! Went out on the
course and hit 6 out of 7 fairways…sweet! This has been one of the best
training videos I have ever viewed. Keep up the good work and THANKS for
getting my drives back on track!

Rob Bernard says:

Hi Rafael, thanks for the note…this is for the driver only, you have to
keep your Center of Gravity behind the ball with the driver, the iron ball
position is dead bottom center, and don’t let your COG move. Keep me posted!

Rob Bernard says:

Ok G-Man, you know the system works, now go to my page and pre-order your
complete system…it will fix EVERYTHING!

Rob Bernard says:

Thank you VuonoNYC, you will love the entire system. We should be ready to
deliver by September sometime, the editing takes time but we want to make
sure it’s awesome for you. When the campaign is over we will e-mail
everyone with more details…Thanks again, and spread the word for me…

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