Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: More Distance Now

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In one lesson, pro disc golfer Marty Peters takes three average players and corrects mistakes to allow each to throw farther. This Discraft disc golf clinic …


Omar S says:

thumbs up if you cried like me in the end

Asia Lancaster says:

It was the best

T&Z Productions says:

7:34 awkward

William Shepherd says:

Looks like ill b doing field practice next few weeks hahaha

Carl Hall says:

Click @6:00 minutes in for a Carl Hall “celebrity-guest appearance.” Yeah,
I wen’t Pro. (No Big Deal.) Throwing for disc-dollars just isn’t the same
as playing for CA$H money.

Wanna bet I can out-drive you?

Trevor Tippets says:

+Ernie Sorenson here’s the video. I hope it helps. I wish I could throw
400 ft!

Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: More Distance Now

sean mcfarlin says:

i watched this video about 7 months ago, and it helped my drives alot. i
want to go to one of these, and see what im still doing wrong.

Jonathan Leack says:

Holy smokes this is epic. I got chills.

Discraft Disc Sports says:

@frisgolfer The most comprehensive dg wind tutorial ever created is by
Oklahoma’s Ron Convers. discraft.com/res_wind06_p1.html

woodystylezz says:

Discraft’s video’s, including this one, are my warm ups before going out to
play serious. If you are like me you will notice a large change in your
game if you watch this and others just before going out to play. The little
tips are fresh in your head. Thanks for the tips, because of them I am not
beating, but competing with low level pro’s though I’m pretty new.

Jason Stoehr says:

Right?!?! Cheesy of all cheesies for the ending…but a good video

aarikc17 says:

its still shoulder to shoulder, just now you are bent over more

andygreeen says:

Marty could thow a styrofoam party plate farther than me and I have been
playin 10 years!

mnicdprsvsrfun2 says:

10 people are Innova Disc lovers.

creativewatcing says:

great vid!

Roughknite says:

sure, with a roller.


A decent clip, I felt it was very informative… hahah but the ending
almost had me fall out my seat it was sooooo Jokie!

LetMeRephraseThat says:

Great ending , don’t listen to mrpeebonehead.

justindfpr says:

Good video. The end was a little extreme but funny.

MN Nice says:

Are they using the Avenger ss for these throws?

Michael Brown says:

man this would of helped me alot before i had elbow surgery but now i can
only trow forehand

joeskis says:

I don’t know if you look at 11:48 that sure looks like he’s pulling
straight across his chest instead of lowering it like he wanted the player
to do.

Roger Hayes says:

5 Stars! This is a very helpful video, and Marty Peters is a great coach
and instructor. Wish I could spend a few minutes with him.

Tom Booth says:

thank you for the pointers, this video increased my distance by 75-100 ft

Matthew Smith says:

@MrJaakkoLe Wow you’re so cool.

Chris Moss says:

Just picked up a sweeeeeeet 174 supercolor spectra I wanna go try these
tips out with.

Doughbodyboy says:

a good way to practice your stroke is to get a dish towel and go through
the motion. you want it to make a good whipping noise in the air. the
better the noise the more power your getting to your hand

phlyboy123 says:

@peterdavisable Try angling the disc down a little instead of trying to
throw flat

tumba97 says:

im 12 and i throw 280 -.-

FIAlex93 says:

@yumberri Pretty sure the first guy used the discraft avenger, maybe
avenger ss. The avenger ss is stable and the avenger is overstable

pickboy87 says:

Sweet, I can’t wait to give this a shot today. My drives suck horribly and
tend to vary extremely. I go anywhere from ~175 feet to ~275 feet or so. I
know I’m losing a lot of power in my throw. The hand grip is a little hard
to see in the video.

brendanb1236 says:

umm. well u can just try different angles. and which ever gives best result
for givin disc is the best angle. i throw pulses and predators on a slight
hyzer for the effect they get w/ those understable discs. but honestly no
one’s angle of release will be the same. so really its up to u to figure it

vikingbush says:

awesome advice thanks a lot Marty Peters and uploader! im going out today
and am gonna remember this

Keith Wood says:

Good info here. Taking all of these tips to the course today!

FIAlex93 says:

@saemj Because he’s a communist

aburg15 says:

awesome video guys…keep ’em coming

skystreak22 says:

@youtah676 seriously? who put on the clinic? its written all over the
beginning of the video, and if that wasnt enough, this is discraft’s
youtube channel

LuuKen says:

yeah ii was thinking about that to.. sure this works on an understable
disck but how does it work if they would throw an overstale disc.

Vince Hawk says:

Just bought some new and some used discs off Ebay. Going to get out and
give this a shot! Thanks for the instruction. Introducing my 16 year old
son to this and geocaching, hopefully we can spend some quality time and
enjoy our parks! this video will sure help, my arm is sooo sore from my bad

Nate B says:

i’ve been lacking power and distance in my backhand drives and have been
trying to unlock the secrets to better throws. i was starting to think it
was the discs i use, and i throw a discraft esp xl, and elite z xpress,
both of which are “long distance”. i think this video may help, although
i’ve tried the knuckle grip and completely lose control of my throws. it’s
a lot to work on but i think it all comes with practice. footwork and body
movement is the most important factor, i think. taijutsu

7apout says:

wow first time seeing this… alls i can say is that im a stud… im the
first guy.. in the blue shorts.. that year i got 79th at am nats this year
i got 16th.. maybe the clinic helped….

limboavionic says:

The slow motion at the end is awesome. I get all excited and giggly.

Doughbodyboy says:

i can throw 400 accuratley and i can max out closer to 500. i owe this
video a considerable amount.

Zach Twidwell says:

haha nah dude, 360 feet, the world record distance toss is just over 800

Divine Placebo says:

:47 was just amazing…the form and flight is just nice to watch…I need
more practice.

dspeer69 says:

this video has helped me a lot went from 320 to 380+

caleblittle12 says:

@peterdavisable do you throw right forehand or left forehand? try letting
the disc come out a little hyzered, and throw something a little more
overstable, what do you throw? i started backhand and could only get about
320 or so, i started throwing forehand and i throw around 450 consistantly,
my personal best is a 513 forehand, i throw a 174 discraft force for max D
and a 175 discraft nuke for more controlled shots but still good D

meltdown glassworks says:


Saemj Baumgartner says:

How can Karl even throw 300 with such a runup -.-

Zach Twidwell says:

great video, very helpful advice

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