Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Distance with Dion

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2010 WFDF World Distance Champ Dion Arlyn teaches you how he gets maximum distance out of today’s high speed disc golf drivers like NUKE and Force. He threw …


bon vivant says:

lol, you had me at the boxer reference. This is a great video for us
mortals that have thrown more punches than discs. Thank you sir, this is
going to be very helpful. 

ChurchStreetBrewery says:

0:55 *Shirtless man in back “Beyond physically conditioning yourself”

Noruko1234 says:

If you’re a newer player, your disc (assuming you’re a right handed back
hand player) will generally fade to the left at the end of its flight. This
is normal. If you’re looking to get straighter shots, make sure you’re
throwing level (not high up in the air) and are getting some good snap on
your disc. Lastly, make sure you’re using skill appropriate discs – i.e.
Eagle, Surge SS, Avenger SS, TL, etc, not Ape, Force, Nuke, Boss, and
similar discs. Other than that, practice; talk with locals too.

smokadagonja23 says:

5 words: Not if you Hyzer it

ghick111 says:

I agree with jugglinggenius, Dion Arlyn needs to make more videos. He
looks, dresses and speaks the way a real profesional should. Great Video!

livinloud840 says:

i just played in the st paul winter carnival dg tourney, my best drive was
425′. this makes me sick.

ChainHighDiscGolf says:

thanks for the tips Dion.

slowfaller says:

I have 9 pins in my right ankle and poor range-of-motion (ROM) I usually
throw rhbh, any tips for me?

Frankie R says:

i think when u throw over 700 feet u might wanna go with the OS version of
a disc.

Phoenix Tyler says:

@jptDrEaMeR I know! It almost feels overstable but its so easy to turn over!

NooDLES411911 says:

Great because everyone blazes on the disc trail and is friendly.

cscottmitts says:

argue argue argue argue argue

bobiii3 says:

fifth time im wathing this 😛

Chris Moss says:

I have had 0 luck with my 171 NUKE, I much prefer the 174 strata, much more

Shaun Gates says:

I’ve been discing for years, I like to use a 3 finger grip. Just a basic
power grip like most people use, but I feel like the pinky gets in the way.
I just curl it back to keep it outta the way. Prevents grip-lock a lot, and
I can drive prettttyyy far. Not sure the distance exactly but probably at
least a good 300 or so.

hultinshustlin says:

Sweet video Dion! Now you just need to release a forehand version. Then
Discraft will have two great videos showing how to drive. After that you
just need Rollers, Thumbers, Tomahawks, and …. are there any other ways
to drive a disk?

unknownsolo says:

Thank you, Great video and VERY helpful. I really hope Dion makes more
videos for you guys.

Dan Pesant says:

very nice…a fellow Golf addict

Phoenix Tyler says:

@Efan08 Hell yeah

Isaac Hurley says:

Thanks! I was debating weather to get one or not

Mrtoogood91 says:

nuke under stable?

InnoCraft says:

he was at my course doing a clinic and used me as an example because i
threw farther than most of the adults and im 14 he said i had really good
form too

ATurtlePuncher says:

understable (for him) means the disc will “turn” to the right when thrown
right hand back hand a noticeable amount. Every disc thrown this way will
“fade” left if given enough time to fly and thrown correctly. This does not
mean the nuke will be understable for you though, you may not have the kind
of power he has. If you’re having problems turning a nuke over switch to a
more understable disc like a Katana or a Frenzy

TheFuckurself says:

TOBAGGON!!! Best course ever and I’m very lucky to live 10 miles from
Kensington. Too bad we only got it 10 days a year and I hear it may not be
back again:'(

engelsseele2 says:

Huh I throw like Rob. To me that always made sense and was comfortable and
offered me the best throw possible for both distance and accuracy… my
brother does a side toss that can get some real distance to it. A style I
never could learn. We would go to a foot ball stadium to throw discs. In
highschool we had a freeze bee toss for farthest distance. With three
throws I threw longer than a foot ball field on average.

jptDrEaMeR says:

@iCeCoLdKiLlAxX009 dude i went to my local disc nation store and got a pink
first run nuke! solely because of this video lol i love the disc! it really
goes far.

reizp says:

i throw with the same disk but i cant seem to get it low enought mine
always goes high

Nick Pitzen says:

An understable disc does fade right however because he throws backhand he
imparts a spin on the disc which forces it to go left. For example: if you
throw a Buzz a really straight flying disc backhand at the end of its
flight it will go left. if you throw the buzz forehand or flicking it, it
will go right at the end. that is all due to the spin of the disc. the
reason he uses an understable disc is that during its flight it has the
potential to stay in the air longer. b/c of how it behaves.

Mufti Hossain says:

keep the disc perfectly flat/parallel to the floor when you release. if its
going to the left, then the left is lower than the right when you release.
keep it more parallel to the floor and you should be good

Paul Rohrbaugh says:

good video, some tips that I will try to get my driving distance over 350

AnimixLA says:

@thatcatstan I think it’s because he’s also a martial arts instructor. He’s
used to teaching in a more clinic style.

NobodyForOffice says:

the disc you use makes a huge difference, if you’re a beginner, you might
work on a D plastic or X plastic Express, Comet, Glide, or anything in an
SS class… these discs wear in a bit faster (& wear out a bit faster as
well) but will fly straighter for a person who doesn’t get all the spin or
speed out of their throw right away. Once those type discs fly off
understable on you, then go to a more overstable disc

crackarocka says:

he mentions nothing of wrist snap…. i get more distance from just
snapping my wrist then all the power i have ever tried more snap less
running on pad equals more control for me. and for beginners don’t jump on
trying this until you get comfortable first. but for me its grip,fluid
movement , and snap which is where the power comes from snap old man from
the 70’s told me that and he drives like this guy but noooooooooooooo

NobodyForOffice says:

I guess I’m a freak of nature… have roughly a 300ft throw with 2 finger
grip or full grip, depends on how much spin I want on it as to which I use.
Full grip, more spin, 2 finger grip, more overstable flight

JahminLerum says:

This made my shoulder hurt just watching…

discflickerDotcom says:


jugglinggenius says:

this guy needs to make more videos, this is by far the most well spoken
speaker on driving for distance and he actually knows what he is talking
about!!!!! please make more with him

RunAndGunRedneck says:

For average players the nuke is designed to cut back to the left like most
discs (with the exception of the Avenger SS or Buzzz SS). Keep throwing it
until you learn the flight pattern. You may even want to try to release it
with a slight anhyzer. But he said in the video that he releases it on a
hyzer so you may want to try that.

Jose C says:

Great video. The tip about how to accelerate helped me the most. I was
focusing too much on the acceleration from reach back to chest, and was
experiencing fatigue. Now, accelerating from the chest to release, combined
with improving the spin I put on the disc, I throw better, and don’t
overwork myself trying to muscle the disc.

StormFX says:

Mine is always going to the left. I’m kind of throwing to the right but it
still ends up in the left. Tip, anyone?

Ethan Warren says:

does having long arms help to throw far?

WadesBlog says:

Near the end he said he threw an ESP nuke OS but in the beginning he said
elite Z nuke.

ImGetnSwole22 says:

Good tips

NobodyForOffice says:

you can say that again, I went back to a frisbee my first year of disc golf
& the thing flipped in mid air to land on it’s back… just the amount of
spin we put on a golf disc throws a frisbee soooooo understable that it
amazes me I used 2 throw them 50+ feet lol

ATurtlePuncher says:

please tell me you’re not really that ignorant. How you throw the disc has
EVERYTHING to do with how it flies. Yes you are correct that throwing a
very understable disc on an anyhyzer probably wont come back assuming you
are a decent player, but throwing that same disc on a good sized hyzer and
i guarantee it will level out and fade left


Gottagogottathrow Joe’s Universal Disc Flight Chart

tjohnston91 says:

How long did it take you to throw 450 feet? The first time i played disc
golf was about 5 years ago. As of recently, ive really started to get
serious about getting better. My putting and mid range is pretty decent but
i struggle with distance. Ive started to throw with this technique but im
only maxing out at 325ft. Im banking on your testimony right now haha.

rockband144 says:

The nuke OS is over- stable

smokadagonja23 says:

thats exactly what this guy is going is releasing an understable disc hyzer
which is why it goes way left and finishes right

scope52005 says:

1:02 wtf that shirtless guy

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