Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Distance Driving Techniques

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Pro rookie of the year Jeremy Koling demonstrates the three most common styles of distance throws, and offers tips on how to improve your own D. This Discraf…


Matt Nemmers says:

Wait a minute….the Surge is an “understable” disc with a rating of 1.6?
Did I miss something?

iDiscGolfDallas Page says:

Best tutorials I have seen…Check it out!!

thepissedoffpotato says:

@1manvsworld As to NASCAR? lol seriously. How is it not a sport? It takes
skill not everyone has. It takes practice for most to get just to decent.
have to walk the coarse which is type of fiscal activity. So seriously why
don’t you think this is not a sport? Just don’t make a stupid statement
with out some kind of reasoning.

juhizqo says:

no niimpä! 😀 miten se on ees mahollista :DD

The Wrestling Freek says:

underhand or roller that has gotten me lots of birdies

frailingbanjo says:

The last video clip in this is at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC
(my hometown and alma mater. 1994 Anthropology and Appalachia Studies) .
The building with the glass tiles is the business building. Thye had a
problem with the tiled window leaking. I am glad that someone for a perfect
use for it!

nomoresignupsplease says:

Am I the only one who thinks he talks like Dr. Steve Brule? “If you’ve got
a low ceiling, just go over top of it dummy!” For your health.

Mattystew17 says:

is that fountain hills?

bob hope says:

I found that the step dose increase distance I didn’t use it until about
2-3 months ago and I’ve added at least 50 ft. to my distance I was throwing
around a 275 to300 my average now is around 350 took a while to prefect and
a lot off horrible throws

Kyle Gamwell says:

less gravity lol

TexasRobert1 says:

Yep, my experience with the Surge is exactly as you put it.

Jules Winnfield says:

@aaronmyers1982 Well there is more than one sport and this one has been
around forever. I used to see these baskets in parks when I was a little
kid and wondered what they were for.

MrGamesandSports says:

fountain hills?

bob hope says:

then make a video don’t brag on a post prove it

TexasRobert1 says:

DG is a very challenging, interesting sport, and good for all ages. The
only disadvantage is that you get your hands dirty–sounds manly, eh?

munchyman3 says:

Wow, you can actually go pro playing fresbee?!

discgolferjw says:

The Surge becomes understable when thrown sidearm.

Soulless99 says:

@aaronmyers1982 Its been around a really long time, even people not the
least interested knows about it… And this is a REAL sport, not like
ordinary golf thats for pruns…

Matt Carter says:

Yeah from the angle they were showing it I think it was 12 and 1 o’clock.

carpevideo says:

This video also seconds as a worlds biggest fountain video

NYtoPDX says:

@BigJermDG Hey thanks so much for the response big Jerm. Somehow i missed
you response until just now. I see what you mean, its more like you turn
your wrist over just for a smooth follow through after release. Sadly I am
hopeless at sidearm but maybe that will help. I really just need to get out
and force myself to work on sidearm in a field. I would love to have a
decent sidearm for certain holes. Cheers man

hallariousct says:

6:10 WTF!?

VyC says:

5:57 It gets better… now he found how to make gravity less 🙂

XxZmasterxX says:

@aaronmyers1982 they made a sport out of throwing a ball too and kicking

SoCoMFu5eD says:

1oclock or 11oclock?

ofthemorningstar says:

The Surge, that’s about equal to an Innova Orc isn’t it?

appidydafoo says:

Less gravity? lol

haadoouken says:

i think he means 1 oclock

VIpown3d says:

?? Etkai oikeesti heitä rystyy kahella sormella? siis kämmen heitetää
kahella sormella (+ peukalo)

apeirce20 says:

@shadowofdarkness555 Didn’t you know the pull of gravity changes depending
on how objects are oriented?!

NYtoPDX says:

I love all of these discraft videos and have watched them all many times.
But why does he say not to roll your wrist over on your sidearm follow
through even though he seems to on every throw. Kinda confusing.

arttu mäki says:

i only use two fingers when throwing backhand

Mean Joe Green says:

you should step then. you will throw much further. you get more momentum

RambOFreAc says:

5:19 he sais eleven o’ clock but flank’s it right, not left..

wnxmaximus says:

I was watching the video, nothing really weird going then app state out of

Jeb Watson says:

Interesting but your’e certainly not going to change your drive over night.
If you change your grips up (or your stance/runup) you should expect to
have to work for at least a month before you see consistent improvement.

discwrangler says:

Great job Jerm!

allsport1313 says:

The Surge is pretty understable compared to discs other players use for
sidearm, especially if you’re Jeremy Koling. It’s really a relative term.

flemi232 says:

hahaha exactly what i was thinking

breana12172 says:

@1manvsworld and your a loser! It is a fun activity that gets people off
their butts and not being lazy Americans trolling on the internet! On an
average 18 hole course you walk about three miles through woods and up
hills and it gets you in shape. Sport- An activity involving physical
exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another
or others. I am pretty sure this is a sport and you are just ignorant!

Janet Panda says:

That was pretty cool at 6:10 🙂

anonymous says:

The flip apparently warps space and time to lessen the effects of gravity.
perhaps professor Hawking works for discraft?

dgplayer777 says:

Very helpful.

BigJermDG says:

@NYtoPDX I do roll my wrist, but it is a slight roll and not until after
the disc is completely out of my grip. The timing of the roll and the angle
of release will vary depending on the stability of the disc. This can be a
confusing concept for anyone who is trying to learn the forehand because
one of the things you try to teach beginners is to eliminate as much of the
roll over as possible. I agree that this should have been included in the
video somewhere. Thanks!

Golf Super Swing says:

You must be in Fountain Hills Arizona

Pat Blazek says:

I think it’s more equivalent to a Pro Wraith

quinne117 says:

Can anyone answer my problem? I am a right handed flicker I consistently
throw about 350-400 feet and I try all of these steps in my backhand and
all I get is a mere 200 foot shot is the some snap or power that I am not
seeking?? What is the secret to just launching one??

joey novack says:

i’m the same way

Caulfield Holden says:

@sportdisc yep end was cool

ImGetnSwole22 says:

Its obvious u think they are whack cuz u suck at throwing them lol.

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