Steve Stricker – Chipping & Pitching Instruction

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Steve Stricker – Chipping & Pitching Instruction


DrSlinkyWW says:

Solid stuff.

Paljas says:

He lost his pga card

Bourne Accident says:

Here's another great chipping tip:  Brush the grass… forth then back then forth then back… brushing the grass both ways…sometimes once or twice does it… sometimes 3 or 4 swings does it… then step forward and go… just like the practice strokes.   The purpose is to get the nice rhythm so you don't chili dip, jerk at it, chunk it, blade it, or do some other unGodly poke.  Nice smooth rhythm.  And if you're having trouble with the higher lofted clubs, start with an 8 iron and repeat this process during practice.  The 8 iron is longer and heavier and gets it's own momentum going to keep good rhythm through the stroke.  Then you can graduate down through the 9 iron, PW, AW, SW, and finally the LW.

wreckim says:

Good advice from a great Pro…but I don't like music in videos of instruction…2c

Jeffrey Anderson says:

Steve thank you

Dreama40 says:

Surprised there are no comments here after 170,000 views for what surely must be one of the best short game lessons you could ever have.

Dreama40 says:

But overall if i had to pick one method i would go Stricker style, it's been more reliable for me under pressure, once again that's my own experience.

Dreama40 says:

In saying that i've found that Steve's method is great of really tight lies and Phil's method is great off good lies, that's been my experience anyway.

Dreama40 says:

I think having this method(wristless style) and the hinge and hold method as part of your repetoir is the key, the secret is knowing when to use each method!

pmc820 says:

+8acenelson  I don't really see this as all that much different than the hinge and hold. If you slow it down, Steve is ever so slightly hinging his wrist before his backswing. just not to the degree phil is. Both methods follow throughs are almost identical though, Steve is still holding his left hand position through to the target like the hinge and hold method. I guess you could call this a Hold and Hold method.

Ron Cooney says:

Anything Stricker says is worthwhile; the only reason I prefer
the hinge/hold approach: it allows a bit more flow in the swing
and lessens the chance for tension to creep into the forearms.

8acenelson says:

Pretty much the polar opposite of Mickleson's "hinge and hold" method, which also works.  Gary Player says the short game is all in the wrists–cock and release.  When I try Stricker's method, it feels stiff and mechanical, and I lose the feel in my hands.  That's not to say it isn't a great way to chip and pitch–it sure works for him and Trevino was much the same. It's a reminder that one of the challenging things about golf is that it isn't a game of one-size-fits-all.  

Dreama40 says:

This is GOLD….

Sean M says:

Stricker makes this shot as simple as possible. Limited wrist hinge, ball "SLIGHTLY FORWARD", hands "STRAIGHT OVER" the ball. and then he brushes the grass. Please no more quick wrist hinge, no more playing the ball off your trail foot, with 6 degrees of forward shaft lean. No more driving the leading edge 2 inches into the turf.

bigmaxy07 says:

So that's what he looks like!

canefan17 says:

There's some forward shaft lean right before he takes it back (as well as there should be… bends the right wrist and allows you to keep it bent – constant radius)

sKILLER04340s says:


Brad Morris says:

It is also absolutely critical to keep that chest rotating towards the target even after hitting the ball. Steve Stricker does this perfectly, as one would expect!

RollYourRock says:

I'm not sure if Stricker changes his grip or not, but some will use a putting grip when close to the green. Tiger Woods has several different grips he uses for less then full shots. It's all about feel and what works on a more consistent basis.

canefan17 says:

since it's like a "putting motion" does he grip this shot different than other irons?

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