Short Game Shots You Need to Know // Golf Tips with Paige Spiranac

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Short game is hands-down my favorite part of golf! In this video I talk about how I hit a bump and run, a short-sided downhill chip with spin, and of course a flop shot. There is SO much to talk about with short game so I’ll definitely be doing more. (PS subscribe to my channel! ► )



Paige Spiranac says:

Thanks for watching everyone! What 3 shots would you like to see next?

Kyle Mc says:

Funny… All the Callaway in the vid, but PXG on your Avatar…

Rich Cole says:

Thanks, this all helps!

Rich Cole says:

Thank you, this helps!

Denis Sonsing says:

Love these Short games tutoriel. Keep them coming.

Phil McCraley says:

Thanks for the tips on the flop and sand shot I tried it and works great. I’ve always had trouble hitting it out of the sand I think this tip should give me the confidence not to be afraid when I get into the sand.

Glenn Watson says:

You say not to look up but then you seem to be looking up.

jingrong chen says:

I like your golf balls

Ricardo Passarelli says:

The girl's got game- a playa for sure

MrGoodknight2010 says:

Very firm – yes

noclandevon says:

I have followed you since I first saw you, you are beautiful, but… your gold instruction is off the charts good. I am waiting patiently for any new shot instructions that you post. You are easy to look at, and even easier to listen to.. thats a good combo.

proprioceptive44 says:

There is never a Bad Shot in this video

George Tyrrell says:

Thanks love

Anthony Mcleod says:

Putting,long bunkers, low pitch

Anthony Mcleod says:

Paige it's nice to watch your videos cause you make them more fun what golf is all about keep having fun making them as well take care

Roger Toye says:

I will lob anywhere from off the green … 60 degree i have a 64 put dont really need it as much 🙂

Pistol Pete says:

Spiranac can be my personal golf coach anytime!

Ricardo Passarelli says:

Nice job Paige. Thanks.

trigger finger says:

Wish I had watched this before my last game.:-)

Justin heyl says:

Great that you have some difficult shots to leverage techniques, short sided downhills lies, how often do pros on you-tube are will to take that on? Also, how many people feel the club head because their grip is too firm or the are nervous. Can you explain your finish, looks like it feeds into your left "pocket"? That is one of the keys to make this happen.

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