How To Chip a Golf Ball

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Click here: Click here: How To Chip a Golf Ball In this tip I show you how to chip a golf ball. This is essential if you want to be a…


IgnitionGolfTips says:

For short putts just have the ball about 3 feet away. Take the club back
and come through gently hitting the pin with the putter head. When you do
you will be accelerating through it. This stops you thinking of the hole
and gets you thinking about the target.

kysotice says:

He takes the fun outta golf but he is still good

IgnitionGolfTips says:

Thank you very much. I just want to explain it in a way that everyone gets
it. Then everyone can get better.

yourbangness says:

wow thank you!!

IgnitionGolfTips says:

Thanks. Golf is not too fun when you first start but as you become a little
consistent you start to like it. Stick with it.

motoxsteve1969 says:

best golf instruction on you tube. thanks for the instruction and great
tips. i have learned so much from you. any time im having trouble on the
course i check out your videos and they put me on the right track. youre
the man Paul!!

IgnitionGolfTips says:

I will post videos on pitching the future. Thanks.

huy jimmy says:

his clear instructions. great

Schmidt Haesemayer says:

I don’t really like golf,but i kinda like this video

Forsaken747 says:

Question, what if you not 4 feet from the Green?

IgnitionGolfTips says:

Chipping the ball is pretty simple if you know what to do. Just remember
the chipping ratios and you will become a great chipper in no time.

maryaerg says:

This has been an eye opener for me! I am looking forward to practicing this
and applying it. With all the lessons I have taken, I am perplexed as to
why I have never been told this before! Thank you!!

IgnitionGolfTips says:

It’s Bear’s Best Las Vegas. Great course.

IgnitionGolfTips says:

You measure the distance from the green. Then you look how far on the green
the pin is then you calculate what club you need to hit.

IgnitionGolfTips says:

Thank you very much. You can find out more information on schools at my
main website. Paul Wilson Golf

IgnitionGolfTips says:

Glad you liked it. You would be pitching from this situation. I will upload
a tip on it in the future.

IgnitionGolfTips says:

A lot of people don’t know the correct chipping ratio. This allows you to
determine what club to hit so it’s very important.

Jeffrey Cunningham says:

What if the front of the green is ten paces away but the flag is 5? How do
I calculate the ratio? Nice video, thank you!

bomung1 says:

thank you.. love this!

thedragonkiller8432 says:

bunny rabbit at 1:33

crymysau says:

Great Advise..thank you

IgnitionGolfTips says:

Thanks. Golf is even more fun when you know what to do.

IgnitionGolfTips says:

Glad you liked it. Thanks.

vu kim thanh says:

I like this golf course! thank you

Charlie Shin says:

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