Golf Lessons – How To Chip in Golf

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This is a lesson from PGA Golf Professional Bret Hartman on the fundamentals of chipping a golf ball in your short game. Learn how to chip in golf with this …


Jancen says:

Isn’t this more of a pitch?

Nickliss77s says:

got a golf lesson yesterday, he told me basically the same exact thing.
can’t wait to try it! 

Sharuddin Shariff says:

Great video,definitely solve my topped shot and reduce my strokes

Ashley Stack says:

Subscribe to my channel for other golf tutorials !!!

xXBlack0MountainXx says:

Very nice tips!

prorobo says:

Excellent instructor. These chipping tips are spot on.

jake moore says:

hey man great video just started to play golf this week. I like how you go
over the do’s and dont’s and explain how everything work. keep the videos

Mox_au says:

Damn I thought this was going to be Bret The Hitman Hart……I bet he
could chip the shit out it.

pballa321123 says:

Thanks for the tips… My chipping sucks lol!!

Brian Hughes says:

If you watch the video again you will see Bret showing you a shot to the
flag closest to him BUT it changes and all of a sudden the flag is a lot
further away. This is because the short chip shots like this are incredibly
difficult and even harder to get right first time in front of the camera.
GO FOR LESSONS then go home and practice what you have been learning. Get
three buckets, space them out in a line and chip in to the buckets. Forget
about the green and the hole, get your technique.

voiceofuniverse12 says:

thanks for that golfing lesson

King Range says:

Great tips

John Elliott says:

He has a simple chipping philosophy, and he executes it well himself.
However, a great chipper named Phil Michelson says that you hinge your
wrists as you turn back and unhinge as you come down and through.
Everything else with weight and stance is pretty much the same. Phil’s way
maybe better for lower handicappesr.

Simon Wee says:

Thank you for the very informative video. Clear and simple to understand.
Good job. From: Simon Wee @ Singapore

Ed Metzger says:

That’s a good lesson – thanks for the drill tip.

nige99 says:


Bob D says:

Very effective lesson!

RexntheCity says:

Yeah he really broke it down for me..All the questions i had, he answered
without me askin lol I really dont need to watch anymore Chip Shot
videos.after this one.

sparklyliving says:

I’ve watched your video 6 times now to help me when I’m practicing. it’s so
helpful! thank u!

Bret Hartman says:

Contact me at 248-459-0488…I Teach for the Rick Smith Golf Academy and at
the Royal Oak Golf Center in MI. Look forward to hearing from you.

MrA8figureman says:

Spot on mate

Andrew S. says:

Ahah it looked so funny when you just launched the first good shot.

kkr7100 says:

Great advice, thank you..

manuel a ferrando says:

muy buena explicacion gracias

paddyandeileen59 says:


supersix84 says:

Wow, I’ve been playing two years now and finally have my scores in
double-digits instead of triple. Hoping I can get a few more rounds in this
year to try this out. Just the first two minutes have been really helpful.

David Tigue says:


MrA8figureman says:

So I just came back from course and the tip keeping he weight shift forward
with the top of the body really works. I had the most solid chips I’ve ever
had. Thanks

chase Hunter says:

So Helpful. THANKS!!

bradscott1988 says:

definitely improved my chipping n approach

lethomadness says:

do this at my course an u will be 40ft past

Michael Paustian says:

sorry, but u r kidding a little bit. You talk about the nearist pin, …and
then u chip to the farest…

Graham Parkins says:

excellent lesson, many thanks

Chris Burns says:

Best golf instructor ever. #BigDealBRETT

Gautam says:

Thanks Brett. Now all I have to do is practice.

BigRyUnitedGuy says:

Amazing I’m going to try that this weekend! Great tips, I’ve been missing
this type of shot in my game. Thanks

trplyr says:

Good video.

billyray577 says:

Very good session, Bret. Thank you.

budedwards2010 says:

Excellent instruction and simple to implement. thanks Bret

Amy Hafen says:

Great Video! Thanks!

Josh Griffith says:

Great video! Subscribed!! !

Michael Ellzey says:

Wow… this saved my life… great video Bret

ambcw says:

Good job thanks. This

Kate Anderson says:

love the video..really helps…gonna try …chipping is my worst enemy..i
can never find a comfortable stance when i try to chip

theAman67 says:

do you teach junior players as well as what is the price of a lesson?

MumsLittleAngel says:

Thanks dude – very helpful;)

Brian Hughes says:

good tips, having no brake on your take back however causes the short chips
difficult to control. Staying too rigged causes you as an amateur to heel
the ball. A simple drill: 1, hold the club shaft lower until your right
thumb is nearly touching the metal of the shaft 2, have your stance
slightly open 3, have your hands forward of the ball and the ball in line
to your right foot. 4, on the take back hinge your wrist but on the follow
through keep your posture DO NOT hinge your wrist forward.

William Hedley says:


1cheeseisawesome says:

hah elongated shaft

Joe Dykta says:

Thanks. I am struggling with chips. This should help.

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