The Only Simple Simple Bunker Lesson You Need

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The Only Simple Simple Bunker Lesson You Need

Here Andy Gorman, The Art of Simple Golf Contributor shows you How tour pros make it look so damn easy to get out of sand traps.

Imagine a T zone and the correct ball position. Distribute the weight correctly also. favor your front foot. Hover the clubhead about three inches behind the ball—where you want to enter the sand.

Play the ball farther forward in your stance and tilt the shaft away from the target—that will set up a higher, softer shot. Control the distance by making a shorter follow-through. Don’t quit on it before impact..

Open the clubface slightly to take advantage of the bounce feature on the bottom of your sand wedge.
But as Andy points out, don’t let the hands go too far forward!

Now on of the most crucial aspects is to then visualize that you’re splashing the sand and the ball onto the green by focussing on how far the grains of sand fly. Don’t let any bad thoughts creep in. Make a full swing, accelerate through the sand, and pose your finish.

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Alex Fortey

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no further west says:

Is there sand between club face and ball at contact?


Great video Andy 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️👌👌

marty maness says:

My first rule for bunker shots is never descelerate (oops) on the downswing.

Pepe 29 says:

Poorly applied for beginners and advanced golfer. Nothing new, more of the same

Cameron B says:

Repeat yourself much!

Adam Flynn says:

Bunker shots arent difficult its just that people get anxious and dont practice them…15 years ago i spent 1 afternoon practicing bunker shots for 4 hours….never had a problem since.
Was flopping them out with 4 irons at the end because once i figured out the technique it was easy.

Big Papi says:

I watched hundreds of bunker videos. Here's my take. 1) most rank amateurs cut across the ball, hit behind it and open the club face at impact. 2) #1 is the perfect set up for bunker shots without manipulating anything else 3). Therefore, grab a sand wedge, take your usual stance square to the target, move the ball about one ball forward and make a full swing like you wanted to hit an 80-90 yard shot from the fairway. Don't open the face or make any other adjustments. It may not look pretty but I bet you'll get the ball out. I guarantee.

roger king says:

I like your video and I think it is nice and simple. thank=you.

thatwilldonicely says:

hi you appear to be standing square there but I thought one had to stand open to the target and basically cut across the ball with the open face?

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