Golf Tips for Beginners | Michelob ULTRA

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It is time to get some rounds in, and if you need some help we have your back. Our tips are aimed at making those outings the best they can be!

Healthy living is about balance between eating, socializing, exercising, and relaxing. Our series takes you from the golf course, showing you how to master the game, to improving your mental strength, pushing as hard as you are capable. Check out our full series here:

Talent: Sarah Kusch is a celebrity fitness instructor who teaches classes at Southern California Equinox gym locations. For more on Sarah check out her website:

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Golf Tips for Beginners | Michelob ULTRA


billy bob says:

How does the ball tip even work? Seems like it would prevent wrist cocking

AaronPlayz says:

The Thumb In The Thumb Nail

Kidz Perez says:

it's not my damn email day be smarter than that

Kidz Perez says:

it's not my damn email day be smarter than that

Bubba 212 says:

how'd I get here

Kc Starlove says:

Although I have been golfing for a while…. I am still REALLY bad at golf so these tips and tricks will DEFINITELY be helping me! 😃

Daniel harman says:

What a lie!!! They're acting like golf is easy!!! It takes weeks of practice before you can even hit the ball solid

Parker Hamill says:

just learned how to golf last week! always looking for more tips thanks!!

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