Buying Disc Golf Discs for Beginners – Disc Golf Nerd Tips and Advice

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In this video I give advice to beginners about buying Disc Golf Discs


Carl W says:

When I was new to the sport, my friend loaned me discs. I decided I wanted my own. When I bought my own I got DX plastic. Honestly, I wish I'd have gotten premium. It goes against everything everyone suggests online. But as a new player I hit every tree. My DX plastic got completely thrashed in only a few rounds. Where as if I would have had premium plastic it would have handled my newb abuse and I wouldn't have had to buy new plastic again so soon. Your mileage may vary. But if you play woods, consider stepping up to at least the gstar/biofuzion realm… You won't waste as much money.

Baseline plastic is great, especially for seasoned players, but a newb isn't concerned with carrying the same mold in various levels of wear…

Tyler Ball says:

If you get the chance to review an MVP Relativity you totally should! It's such a unique and fantastic distance driver that does literally anything you want it to! MVP is really taking a big chunk of my golf bag!

FunkytownDG says:

I always buy my putting putters in pairs, highly recommend this for putting practice

The MiniMamba3420 says:

Am I only one that hates the fact that most drivers have a sharp rim that digs in your hand?

Adam McKinney says:

Now this is a great video. Again….thanks for doing this stuff.

nitbot says:

I used to get a ton of lighter discs in search of more distance, but lately I have just been getting max weight or close to max weight discs. I find that a lighter disc doesn't really give that much more distance, perhaps i'd get a 150g driver 10-15ft longer that I would with a max weight disc. But more importantly, I'm way less accurate with a light disc, especially when I'm mixing light and heavy discs. With a mixed bag of light and heavy I tend to pull / griplock my light discs *hard*. They just don't eject from my hand the same way that a heavy disc does meaning that the "release" point (I don't actually release the disc, I just let the disc rip out of my hand at the hit point) is not consistent. It doesn't matter if I can get 10ft more distance out of a light disc when I spray it 30 degrees to the right of my intended line; I'll end up further away from the basket anyways. Besides, heavier discs tend to hold up better in the wind

Terry Anderson says:

That Thrasher on top, my best distance driver… lol

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