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I need to work on this andy #shortgamekillingme 😲😲🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️👌👌

Alan Waterworth says:

I wonder what Andy and Pearce´s thoughts are on the "hinge and hold" technique as advocated by one of golfs top short game players, Phil Mickelson, are? I´ve tried it recently and found it very effective (although my long game has gone to hell)

Juan Sarmiento says:

Hello I'm from Venezuela as you may know we're nature baseball players, I started playing golf one year ago, right now i'm handicap 21 but i believe that my problem for the short game is my baseball swing that help me in my long game. How i can change my baseball swing to a golf swing, normally i can hit the ball pretty well for long shots but in the short game bum" the issue shows up .

iTzPenta says:

Learned alot. 👍🏻👍🏻

Michael Kareores says:

Hey guys been following the channel for years now and love every video. I also lack consistency, some days hitting straight balls, some fades, and some days draws. I hit my irons well but need to get better. I shoot in the 80's and want to get down to high 70's soon. Thanks guy!!

Randall Mahony says:

Hey guys love your channel . I would love to see a video of chipping from thick long fescue and up to elevated greens thanks.

Adam G. says:

I've been playing for a five years now and this has definitely helped me. Thanks

Fernando Dal Moro says:

Hey Guys, Great job with the videos. The graphics really bring it all together in explaining what you are trying to convey. I started golfing with my wife and 3 boys just 4 months ago. Your beginner videos have really given me the confidence to try out new things and to correct some issues that have come up as we learn the sport. I'm afraid that if you do a video analysis of my swing, you may not have time enough to correct all of the issues… but if it happens :)))) … Thanks!

Griffin Melton says:

Great Video u truly help me play better

CJ Ellis says:

I am a total beginner and I love this video series. Easy to watch and superb instruction! Of course, the Astbury looks like one hell of a course! Good stuff boys!

Nathan Miller says:

Thank you Andy and piers all the videos have helped me to get my golf game better my handicap was 28 in march and now I am down to 20 would you be able to do a video on how to get spin on mid irons THANK YOU

James Humphrey says:

Hello, from Kansas City!
You guys are spot on. Your videos are always full of good advice, for both high and low handicaps. Always looking for your next videos.

sub333 says:

Excellent stuff, lads, thanks very much.

Mark Towers says:

I might be sceptical but how can someone with consistency and slicing problems be playing off 10? Love the videos though guys they've taught me a lot in the 8 months I've been playing – still off 28 – my problem is consistency with the 2nd/3rd shots. Also really struggle out of bunkers.

Nate Drumms says:

I'm very new to golf, I would love to see a video on how to choose clubs. I haven't purchased a set yet, just use my dad's spare set but I have no clue where to start and don't want to take the cheap route. Don't want to drop $1000 either though… Most bang for my buck, I suppose… Just not sure how to determine that. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

NFFC_ says:

Any tips for keeping a good balance when hitting long irons? Sometimes in my follow through I'll bring stuck on my heels or the opposite and I'll be on my toes to much.

Will Kujawa says:

What watches are they wearing?

Adam says:

Every time I make a long putt, I exclaim "COME ONNNNNN" in typical Piers fashion 🙂

Mathew Boboros says:

Deffinetly would appreciate a swing analysis. Thanks for the tips as always guys!

Kabelo Sibeko says:

Brilliant content and breakdown

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