Two Keys to Striking Pure Iron Shots | Martin Chuck | Tour Striker Golf

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SUBSCRIBE to Tour Striker Tips: | More Videos and Training Aids: | What do you need to do in order to have a successful low point, left of the ball line? Two Keys (speaking as a right hander):

1. Get your weight to the left
2. Understand the role of your right arm
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Scott Rogerson says:

This video has been in my saved videos. I go back to it to remind myself of certain things that I forget.

JayScore says:

hit the ball already

alan carlyon says:

I help my golf mates by telling them about weight shift onto their left side on the downswing, I tell them – hips before your tits! Works every time!

str8cndian says:

im too busy fiddling with my putter,,, i think i need a much longer harder stroke before i get arrive at the point i need to be….

John Fan says:

Hi Martin, nice instructions. Can you tell me if you have a wrist hinge at the middle and top of your swing? I keep pausing it and do not see a wrist hinge at 9 o'clock. Sorry, I am learning power with wrist hinge therefore the questions.

Dr Claw says:

nice vid. definitely going to go through this in my head next time on the course.

gabrielle aujard says:

Best instructor on u tube by far

Tom Valenzuela says:

Tours tricker club drills

Mary Denesha says:

Martin: trying to incorporate the "impact" alignments you teach. I have a lingering question in the back of my mind that makes me question the facts of what actually happens. I stopped this video ( as I have several others) at impact and slightly beyond. The clubhead is passing the hands at impact and is way passed the hands shortly thereafter, At no time in this strick are the hands leading thru impact and beyond. This looks more like the release I currently have. Are the alignments you speak of actually held thru and beyond impact or am I misinterpreting something along the way.Help!!!!Gary

Farai Chikosi says:

Decend onto whity lol

Brian Baker says:

Howdy Martin…what do you use to make your line with on the ground…chalk line?  marking paint?  or ????  I've used an alignment stick making an impression in the grass by standing on it but it doesn't stay.

Randsurfer says:

Martin, would it be a good idea to construct a swing in the following order?:
1.  develop a swing with proper mechanics that bottoms out in a shallow divot in a consistent relative position.

2.  Set the address ball position just a fraction to the right of the beginning of that divot location.

This would be the opposite of what you showed, which was draw a line and position the balls first.  Then design a swing around that ball position.

My thinking is that I believe the best swing is not a swing focused on striking the ball as that leads toward manipulating the club head toward a small target. I've always felt the best results were achieved by a golfer who swings the club properly and the ball "gets in the way". However, to do that, first you need a proper swing, and then you need to know where to place the ball so that it can "get in the way".

FrankN Shank says:

Thanks again, Martin!  Your videos are the BEST!
You make your point clearly, and use the right words to do so.
Keep em coming!

lifeson241 says:

Awesome!!  Thanks Martin

Kevin Rikerdson says:

Great share on this shot thanks

David Schultz says:

i am friends with a couple dudes who hit about 100 with 5 irons. they both hit it a mile high and it carries forever. both of them fly driver over 300.

golfmaniac007 says:

LOL! 96mph with a seven iron. better calibrate the radar.

mesarock2vh says:

The biggest problem I have is I am a timed flipper and hardly ever take divots. When I do make a rare divot its really thin and maybe a 1/4 of a dollar bill size.

jmarcuzb says:

I would really like to be able to submit you some of my swing videos and have you analyze them. Please respond to me with your rates. You are the only instructor I have seen so far that has given me advice that actually WORKS!

jmarcuzb says:

Dude, your instruction is amazing! The first time I ever picked up a golf club was a year ago and I have been struggling with getting good instruction. I have paid golf instructors much MUCH money who I found out in the end were only taking money. The videos I have seen of yours have help me beyond words.

Even though people say there is no way I just started playing because of my swing speed (7 Iron 96 mph) and my distance, none of it matters if I can't hit it straight or consistently hit it.

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