How to Improve Putting Aim

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Improving putting aim is the key to making more putts. In this month’s video golf tip, Mel Sole shares two critical tips for improving your putting aim: 1) Get behind the ball and 2) Look beyond. To find out more about how these tips will help you improve your putting aim, watch now!


Anthony Coleman says:

Can't wait to try this. Very good advice

Manohar Menon says:

was useful .. thanks alot .

Riaz Walji says:

Good effort. But he left you with half a solution. I did like the putt one foot past the hole, that is good advice. But stopping at the ball line is leaving you all with a partial solution. You want perfect putts? Here you go: look for your approach – you can see the putt, now track your way back visually to see which way you are going to have to aim, and track back on the green no more than 2 feet away from your ball, on the intended path, so you focus on some visual maker (like a tuft of grass, old ball divot, whatever): That is what you aim for. No need for any "line" on a ball.

All off a sudden, everything is a one or two foot Putt, which we can all make all day long.

Want proof that you can't aim your putt more than 6-8 feet? Next time you have a putt more than 8ft, line up your putter to your intended target. Then have a friend hold your putter so you can stand back behind your ball and see where your putter is pointing. 9.9x out of 10, your totally off. This is why you are having trouble putting. You Can read the green. Trust yourself. It's just that all this time your aim was wrong.

Enjoy this tip. It will shave 10 strokes off your game.

D-railed says:

this was definitely me I would line up the ball from behind and then standing over it, it would look just a bit off so i would try and make the correction with my putt.

JayZoop says:

When you stand behind the ball, does having a dominant eye cause another optical illusion?

Lenny J says:

Ain't no way to hide your lying eyes…. lo

Lenny J says:

Not ALL the pros do this…

Sean Byrne says:

Well done…I didn't think the line was so relevant to good putting

Gopi Krishna Sivvam says:

THANKS, I am facing serious putting problems. will try this

You just wasted your time Reading this long name says:

I struggle aiming the line at the hole.

Ryan Gentry says:

How did I not think of this.

justpar2012 says:

Totally right. I do the same thing and change my line. Thanks for the explanation.

swashim says:

This should be illegal. Using a line takes the skill out of putting. I can't get myself to use this tactic.

designated player says:

lol he's so wrong I'm blind in one eye😂

brainfree says:

What about the rotifer?

Bernard Stichie says:

This might be the most sensible putting tip I have seen on YouTube. Great job

Blake says:

check out my putting vid! Super simple and effective

David Lin says:

Pretty much this is what I do on the putting. Use the ball line to aim, have putter face square the line, judge the distance and put.

Sunny Day says:

Any thoughts about right to left puts as a right hand player. I then to aim to much to the left

LeRoy Perkins says:

I have this problem, will try this for sure!

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